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Traveling with Your Pup this Summer?

Jun 25, 2009

If you’re like most people, summer vacation is a tradition you love to indulge in each year. But if you’ve just gotten a new puppy and want to take him along for the ride, be sure that you’re keeping him happy, safe, and healthy with these easy travel tips:

  1. Make sure your dog is wearing his proper ID tags at all times. His collar should have your immediate contact info or a microchip.

  2. Stash a copy of your dog’s current health and immunization records into your glove box or suitcase in case something should happen.

  3. Be sure to read the fine print of your hotel’s pet policy. Some hotels charge additional pet fees and deposits, some refundable, some not – or they many not even allow pets at all.

  4. If you’re traveling by car, be sure that you’re taking frequent potty breaks for your puppy. If your dog has never tried going while on a leash, be sure to train your dog to do his business that way also.

  5. If you’re traveling by plane, check with the airline to see the pet policy and what accommodations can be made. Also be sure to give your pup a potty break before and after the plane ride.

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Get The Dog Training Basics Down With K-9 Corner!

Jun 19, 2009

At PorchPotty, we’ve always grown up with dogs and love dogs – they’re our constant, loyal companions. Yet, we know how difficult dog training can be, and how easy it can be to take a step backward. That’s where K-9 Corner comes in – this dog obedience training blog helps you get on the path to effectively training your dog!

Check out “Dog Obedience Training”, a great post on dog training strategies and why these strategies work. Learning the dog training strategies that are actually effective and last!

Dog Training

Be sure to check out K-9 Corner for dog obedience training, and learn the “secrets to dog training!”

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The Problem with Paper Training

Jun 18, 2009

When choosing the right potty training method, it’s important to consider all of your options. If you have a home with a large backyard or an easily accessible space, training your dog to go outside is usually the best option. Besides having space to roam around in, large outdoor areas appeal to your dog’s natural instincts and offer a more comfortable setting for him to do his business. However, if you’re like some pet owners and lack the space, you have to get creative with your approach. Most apartment or small yard pet owners tend to try the paper training method to get their small dog to eliminate without causing damage to their living spaces. But there’s a few problems that present themselves during paper training.

Paper-trained dogs are often difficult to house train because indoor toilet areas give the dogs instant relief. The motivation to hold a half-filled bladder is absent. The obvious solution is to remove the paper, but this rarely happens without a struggle. Rather than going to the door, dogs seek out alternative indoor locations such as a floor mat or your living room carpet. The key is to get your dog to understand that he needs to hold it and do it in a proper place. Paper training makes that a lot harder, so people with smaller spaces need a better solution. That’s why we have the Porch Potty.

The Porch Potty is the perfect solution for pets who need a place to do their business without the risk of damaging your living space. Simply place it on your porch, patio, or terrace, and let your dog do his thing. With constant supervision, the right training, and proper meal scheduling, potty training your pup should be a breeze.

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Keep A Watchful Eye On Your Pup

Jun 11, 2009

When your puppy is out and about, doing what he does best, it’s important to keep track of what he’s up to. Just like a small child, your puppy can get into just about anything in a matter of seconds. To keep him safe, out of trouble, and on track with his potty training, make time to keep a watchful eye. Bathroom mishaps and puppy mischief can happen at any time. Be sure that you’re prepared.

One of the best ways you can keep your pup on track with his potty training is to observe and learn the signs that he’s “gotta go!” Those signs include sudden restlessness, intense sniffing in one area, circling, pacing, or suddenly standing still. If you happen to be too late, be sure to give your dog a sharp “No!” and then take him outside or to your Porch Potty as a reminder of where he’s supposed to do his business.

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Get Your Pups Involved With Your New Pet

Jun 5, 2009

Children can be great fun for your new puppy, especially if they love to play. But besides having fun with your new pet, it’s also important that you teach your child to be responsible and help to care for your pooch. Here are a few dog rules to teach them. Not only will these rules make it easier for your family to adapt to and care for your new puppy, but it can also help your puppy feel like a welcome addition to the family.

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

  1. Feeding Time

    Teach your children early on that the puppy needs to be fed and given fresh water each day. Also explain how puppies need special food to grow big and strong and how certain foods, like people food, can actually be bad for the puppy and that the child should stick to only the puppy’s food during feeding time.

  2. Be Nice

    Young children have a tendency to try to be rough with animals, so educate them on how to be nice and play well with your puppy without hurting him.

  3. Exercise

    Show your child the importance of exercise by encouraging healthy and active play with the puppy (under parental supervision, of course).

  4. Chewing

    Remind your child that little pups love to chew and need to be given special toys. Not to mention, tell your child to keep things like toys and shoes away from the puppy in case they get gnawed at.

  5. Potty Time

    Keep a schedule of bathroom breaks for your dog. Remind your child that if the new dog doesn’t keep to the scheduled potty breaks that he may find a place in the house. Be sure that you’re sticking to the schedule at all times!

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