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Never Say Never

Jul 30, 2010

What a beautiful, inspiring story! When you love to do something, you don’t let anything stand in your way of continuing that activity, whether there’s blindness or any other challenge – whether it be naysayers or those overly concerned for your safety.   Go Isabel!

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Meet Boo: Our Featured Dog of the Week

Jul 28, 2010

Meet Boo!

Boo and her owner, Tammy, were Facebook fans who connected with us to share some cute photos and their story.
Tammy (Boo’s owner) shares:

“Boo started using Porch Potty when visiting friends. It was so easy for her to use it since they are on an upper floor of their complex. Boo was a rescue puppy that I adopted when she was eight weeks old. She is a very gentle soul who loves everyone. You can almost see a smile on her face when she gets to interact with children. Boo changed my life! Who knew a pet could bring so much joy!”

Tammy Kelley
San Diego, CA

See the Wall of Fame of Our Past Winners!

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Animal Rescue: An Important Message

Jul 26, 2010

Last Friday, I had a chance to visit with Zak George, host of SuperFetch on Animal Planet.  He shares this important message – in an impromptu way. And, sometimes those are the best!

Zak models for us some great ways to wait and keep a dog safe until Animal Rescue can get there.  You might think about carrying those safety hazard triangles in the trunk of your vehicle. You might need them for something even other than a flat tire change.

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Say “I Do” and Be a Home for an Abandoned Dog

Jul 23, 2010

Get the tissue out – this is a good one to share with people who are wondering IF they should say “I do.”

Say “I do.” The life that you’ll change for the better….is yours!

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Dog Road Travel Tips

Jul 21, 2010

Some cool products for this year’s road travel with your pooch!

Also, a FREE PET SAFETY KIT providing the following when you’re on the road:

  1. First responder decal so the police, EMT, or fire department know if your vehicle’s in an accident that there may be a pet on board.
  2. Loaded with good safety tips.


  1. Reflective tape to use when you have to walk your dog – especially if you are stopping at night or in the early morning hours when it’s dark, you want to be sure that people can see you and your dog taking a walk.
  2. First aid kit for your dog.
  3. Items to strap your dog’s kennel when traveling.  To keep it loose is a safety hazard for your dog and you!

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Featured Dog of the Week: Meet Coco!

Jul 19, 2010

Coco and Tanna (her owner) found us online and became a Porch Potty Fan on Facebook.  She was quick to share with other fans how helpful Porch Potty has been to her.

Tanna (Coco’s owner) shares:

“Coco Chanel is a two year old Black Standard Poodle. I searched online because we needed some way for Coco to potty on the terrace where we live. We live in a 29 story hi-rise and I really didn’t want to have to got out with her each time. I found the Porch Potty. As soon as it arrived, Coco took to it right away.  We had no problems getting her started.  She used it right away.  Awesome!”

Tanna Clay
Houston, Texas

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Not the Cold Nose, Rather Check Pads of Their Feet

Jul 16, 2010

Dogs perspire through the pads of their feet – so it’s more important to check the pads of their feet.

Here are some great tips in keeping your pooch safe during the summer.  We here at Porch Potty do not recommend or encourage that you ever leave your dog unattended in the car – ever!

Listen up….

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The Flower Dog: Follow Monday’s Porch Potty Post

Jul 14, 2010

A Porch Potty Fan’s Wedding

Fan Dorie Weiss shared some beautiful wedding photos on our Facebook fan page that we just had to share!

Porch Potty – Yes, Our shih tzu, Betty was in our wedding two years ago. She was our “flower dog” and walked down the aisle with one of the flower girls. I’ll post a picture.

Betty walking down the aisle at our wedding – Dorie Weiss

Please share your wedding photos of how your dog participated in your special day!

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Your Dog and Your Wedding?

Jul 12, 2010

It’s July!  And, this means that it’s wedding season!

If you have a pooch, you might be considering including your dog in your wedding.  With the proper preparation your pup can be involved – yet it does take some planning.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be perfect. Pets can add a special touch to your big day but there are many things to consider.

The first thing is the temperament

If he’s only good with his owner and two or three other people, he’s won’t be as good in a wedding situation. If you’ve decided your pet can handle the excitement and you’re ready to pick your wedding location, ask the venue if they’ll accept pets. That should be the first question you ask. Then you need to decide what role they’ll play. A pet can be a bridesmaid, groomsman, flower girl, or even a ring bearer.

You’ll want to make sure your pet looks his best, so it’s always a good idea to get your pet groomed before hand. Always take your pet to the groomer (even if you don’t typically take your dog to the groomer) a day or two before your wedding day. And sometimes in that situation, the groomer may put a little bow on their ear, or on their collar, that you can keep on for the wedding.

It’s important to make sure you have someone who will handle the pet the day of the wedding

And it’s best if it’s someone who’s in or attending the wedding. The last thing you want is your little dog to be clawing at the bottom of your gown, or getting mud on your dress, or climbing up on your lap – so you need to have someone besides yourself or the groom be responsible for the dog. Your pet will make quite an impression on guests, but some of them might not appreciate his presence. You might put a big sign up that says, “Sonny is joining us today in the wedding,” just so they know. Then they need to take their own action with regards to being afraid or allergic.

If you decide your pet isn’t going to be able to attend your wedding, he doesn’t have to be left out. There are creative ways to include your pet on your wedding day. I’ve seen cats get involved with the bridal party as they’re getting ready at their home or their parents home. You could include your dog on your cake topper. You could have the bride, the groom, and the dog. There are a lot of companies doing fun and fancy cakes now. You could have a cake done of your dog. You could have favors that have photos of you and your groom, with the dog in them too.

It’s your big day so have fun planning your wedding, and remember… If you really want to have your dog in your wedding, you can make it happen.

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July is Dog House Repair Month

Jul 9, 2010

I can’t say that many of our Porch Potty customers have dog houses to repair since most of their pups live indoors with them.

So, let me focus on the type of “dog house” you create for your pooch if you’re spending much time outside – as many of us do during these summer months.

sotto la panca by istolethetv.Here are some fast tips –

Use a portable dog kennel or cover.  Shade is important for your dog during these summer months.  Set this temporary  dog house in a cooler area where you’re spending time.  Be sure that it is distant from swimming pools, sprinklers, kid’s play boxes, and full sun.  It is also recommended for you to spray a pet-safe pesticide around the portable dog shelter to ward off bugs.

If you have an outside dog, spraying inside the dog house will also help in keeping spiders, fleas, etc. out of their house.  Make sure to trim your lawn and any grass or small weeds you see growing under or near your dog’s house.

For your inside dog, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be sure to increase the amount of water available to them. Just like us, their water consumption is on the rise with the rising heat index.
  • Keep him well groomed, yet avoid falling into the temptation to cut or shave their fur short, as many pet owners do. Many think this is keeping them cooler.  What is truly happening is you are taking away your dog’s natural “sunscreen.”  Your dog can, and will, get sunburned.
  • Avoid extra exercise.  Overexertion on hot days can lead to heat stress.  Keep this in mind in timing walks and runs with your pooch.
  • Watch your dog. Excessive panting, rapid heartbeat, blank or ‘lost’ looks, and vomiting are all signs of dehydration and other issues in struggling with the heat.

Have a great weekend! And, remember, we’re still searching for our “Featured Dog of the Week” so please submit your dog’s photo on our Facebook page!

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