Dog Barks And Baby

photoYour family has introduced a new member- a baby. Your pup will indeed be intrigued by the situation. Unfortunately, your pup’s barking is upsetting the baby, and can be quite upsetting to the rest of the family. Preparing your pup for the arrival of a baby can affect how your pup will react to this new arrangement.

Pay attention to me

The new lack of attention can cause your pup to bark- sometimes without rest because they feel that you have forgotten about them. It can be difficult to adjust a pup to the attention deprivation, but if you slowly wean them over time, it can help your pup’s anxiety. When the baby does come home, continue your pups routine as scheduled so that they don’t associate the arrival of the baby with neglect. Give your pup toys to play with and treats for being calm. This will help your pup understand that everything is just peachy.

Sometimes your pup may be barking because they are unsure of what is happening. The new scents and smells can cause confusion if they aren’t aware of the situation. Allowing your pup to smell something that has the baby’s scent can help them to adjust. Don’t let them play with the item or interact with it any other way- pawing or licking. Letting the pup see the baby to associate the scent with the child will also help reduce their anxiety and prevent barking.

Refrain from creating an association between your baby and punishment

If your pup does start barking at the baby or barking in general, try distracting them from the situation with a favorite chew toy. Don’t stop them in a negative way, as it will only cause them to associate the punishment with the presence of the baby. Positively altering their attention will prevent them from barking for the time, but you will need to design a plan to prevent them from barking to begin with.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way. When your pup is being quiet, give them a treat and tell them that they are being good. This will help them associate a “calm” attitude with treats and kindness. Teaching your pup to be calm will reduce the likelihood of them barking randomly. If you try to force them to stop or punish them for barking, it may only make the situation worse and increase the likelihood of them barking.
If you cannot stop your dog from barking, calmly and patiently move them to another location- perhaps outside so that they will understand that barking is not allowed around the baby. Don’t associate the place in any other negative way other than they will not be allowed around you or the baby if they continue to bark.

It can also be a good idea to allow your pup routine interaction when you handle the baby. Keeping your pup in the same room while you change the baby’s diaper can help them understand that the baby is part of your family. If you are bathing the baby, and your pup enters the room, don’t chase them out or punish them for doing so. This can cause them to relate the new child as a threat, and can lead to barking.

Organizing a plan to help adjust your pup to the baby’s arrival will greatly reduce the likelihood of barking. Positive reinforcement can help your pup accept the new member to the family, and keep everyone happy.

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Dog+: Dogs Using Social Media

The social networks of today allow us humans to interact with each other and meet new people and friends every day. Some folks have had the inspiration to create social network pages for their pets in the past to help them meet other pets out in the world. Lately, these networking advantages are now becoming specifically available for your pup.

Creating your pup’s profile

photoAs these newer social media become doggy specific, owners are able to interact with fellow pup owners that share common interests. You can create a profile via the internet to meet people that you would not otherwise have run into at your regular dog park. More practically, if you were an owner of a Corgi breed of pup, you can seek out other Corgi owners in the area near you. This would help people and their pets that share common interests become more interactive with each other. As these owners become more accustomed to using social media, these networks will expand and prove to be a very valuable tool for expanding the social life of you and your pup.

Many uses for dog circles

Doggy oriented social media allows for more companies to interact with pet friendly offers. Vacationing spots and eateries that are pet friendly can now see the pups that they can potentially serve. Creating a network of doggy oriented sites can greatly affect the world our pets live in. These social networks can allow owners the ability to search for doggy oriented places that they may want to visit or simply network with their own community regarding puppy related subjects. You can place information publicly for your fellow pet owners to see and interact specifically with people of a common interest. These networks keep you informed about events such as a fellow doggy’s birthday party so that your pup can enjoy the party. There are even possibilities of setting up a dog-sitter for your pup with a fellow dog owner.

Meetups and huddles

Special collars that are utilized to reference your pup’s movements have become quite popular. They allow you to uplink your pup’s location to social networks so that you can register your pup’s movements and create pet hotspots to let other dog owners get a feel for where the action is. This helps new owners find locations where they and their pups can become a part of a doggy oriented community. This is also a beneficial network if you are visiting a new area and want to find out where you should consider taking your pup. A network like this can greatly assist someone that wants to find a great spot for their pup to enjoy at any time of the day in any location.

These networking abilities have proven their quality for us humans by helping us to find new friends and keep in touch with old ones at our convenience so using them for pups seems to be a great chance to prove its versatility. As social networks become more pup friendly, we can expect to expand the experience of being a happy dog owner.

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Best Resorts And Destinations For You And Your Dog

You’re considering going on vacation, but don’t want to leave your pup alone at home. Bringing your canine companion along with you on vacation is easier now than ever. More resorts and locations are becoming pet friendly and some are encouraging you to bring your pup. We spend time away from home to help get rid of the stress of everyday life, so why not have your pup join in your excitement.

Dog friendly spots in the area


When looking for a great spot to vacation with your pup, you’ll need to make sure that there are plenty of dog-friendly spots in the area. If you will be traveling, you will want to make sure that hotels you will be staying at will allow your canine companion. There is a difference between “dog-friendly” and allowing pets into an area. You will want to choose a place to stay that will be more likely to appeal to your pup.

Depending on what your pup enjoys most, selecting a specific spot to spend your vacation will depend on your dog’s nature. You will have to ask yourself what kind of interaction your pup enjoys most. Dogs are much like people; they may enjoy the outdoors, a tourist atmosphere with lots of human and dog interaction, or perhaps just some one-on-one time with you.

Dog friendly parks an dining areas

The city of Austin, Texas offers many dog friendly parks and even dining areas that offer treats to your pups. As the capital of the great state of Texas, there are many touristic areas for you and your pup to enjoy throughout the day. San Diego, California is also another city that offers a large selection of activities for you and your pup to enjoy. Aside from some fantastic interaction on the beach, there are some dog-friendly dining areas such as the Terra on El Cajon Boulevard and the U.S. Grand Hotel that pampers your pet-guests with treats and even their own doggy-bed. When choosing an area for you and your pup to spend time at, you will want to ensure that there are many activities for you and your canine companion to interact with.

Before you settle on a destination, you will need to review any necessary requirements for the location. What kind information you will need for your pup such as shot records and any special tags, or perhaps vaccinations for the area? The size of your pup may be a factor as well. You will want to ensure that your pup meets any requirements for the stay. Inquire about any rules specific to leash laws. You will need to know where and when it is okay for your pup to wander around off leash especially at parks. Some areas will allow this and some will require you to have your pup constantly on leash.

Size matters

There are many places across the country that offer great spots to get away from the consistency of the world, but finding a place that will spoil your dog as well will take some searching. Regardless of where you visit whether it’s a special tourist attraction, national park, or perhaps just a relative, you will want to ensure that you and your pup have a great time.

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