Pampering Your Pooch

photo“Yes!” your pup barks excitedly as you enter the door. In your hand is a new fluffy toy with a little jingle bell inside. Pampering your pup can make you as happy as they are. That expression of happiness that falls upon their whole body just puts a smile on your face. As pet owners, treating and pampering our loveable canine companion is something we indeed love to do, and our pup’s love to have done.

Take your pup to the pet store

What do you do when you are wanting to treat yourself? Some people enjoy shopping for a treat- and so does your pup. A trip to the local pet store is like taking a child to the toy store. All the interesting things (and the other pups too) offer your pup a little excitement. You can walk them around, and let them choose from some items they like. Here you can find a variety of pampering items for your pup- toys, a treat or even a luscious pillow that they can’t seem to let go of now.

Toys and treats

Nothing beats that expression of excitement when you show up at the door with a bag of treats that a pup can smell from a mile away. Treats and toys are some of the best pampering devices used by owners.

A stuffed animal (that may not last long) with a squeak inside is always great, and allows you to play a game and interact with your pup to further pamper them. Many pet stores even offer un-stuffed animals for those folks that have a pet that just loves to shred their toys.

Chew toys are great for younger pups whom are teething, and can keep them settled and their teeth off your hands. If squeaking is a little bothersome to you, consider one with a jingle bell inside. Balls that have these can keep a pup rolling around and chasing it for hours.

Edible treats will indeed make your pup happy, but be careful what treats contain. Many of the newer treats have healthy ingredients, but not all are so. Make sure when you treat your pup, you treat them with a healthy snack.


A trip to the groomers keeps your pup clean and smelling fresh, but can a pup enjoy being cleaned? All that attention is indeed nice, but finding a groomer that makes the visit something the pup is actually excited about may take some research. Try finding a place that does such things as paw-decures or may offer a pet massage for your beloved pup. Getting their paws massaged is great for your pup’s nervous system and the visit can leave them relaxed and happy.

A fluffy bed

Have you ever walked into your house and discovered your pup laying on your bed rather than their own? That’s because its soft and well…it smells like you. Pampering your pup with a luscious bed or sleeping area is one of the best ways to treat them- throughout their life. Nothing beats sleeping on a nice comfy cushion surrounded by a blanket and toys. Having  a place that they feel comfortable in that is their private place they can always return too keeps them happy and secure.

Remember that pampering your dog is a lifelong activity. Nothing tells them you love them more than continually showing them what they mean to you by spending special time together.

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Your Dog’s Healthy Heart

photoHumans are renowned for exercising and eating healthy to maintain a healthy heart and body. But what about your pup? Have you ever stopped to consider your own pup’s heart (the physical one, not the big one she loves you with). Your pup’s heart can be affected by their own set of heart conditions, often going unnoticed because, well they can’t always tell us there is a problem. It is important to get regular checkups with your vet and ensure that your pup’s heart is taken care of.

Congenital heart disease

Though most heart problems develop over time, there are conditions in which your dog suffers from genetic problems that affect their heart. Pre-existing heart problems like these are commonly diagnosed very early in a pup’s life. This is why it is important to always take your pet in for regular checkups. These problems often need to be maintained medically, so you will need to discuss the problem with your vet for proper care.

Acquired heart disease

Heart problems are most commonly developed over time. As your pup grows and ages, heart problems can begin to surface. Some problems are developed from normal wear and tear over time, and some can come from an injury or infection that your dog suffers from.

Affects my pup how?

Often problems will arise when there are changes to your pup’s heart valves- preventing them from closing properly. This affects how your pup’s circulatory system works, and can cause more problems further down the line if the problem isn’t remedied. Other problems may arise from your pup’s heart muscle weakening, also affecting their ability to pump blood throughout their body. Heart problems often lead to irregular heart rhythm, fluid buildup within the heart, and reduced circulation. These problems often force their heart to work harder to compensate.

What to do about your pup’s heart

There are a variety of treatment options for your pup. Aside from surgery (hopefully not) your pup’s diet and exercise plan come into effect here. As your pup’s owner, it is up to you to ensure that your pup consumes a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise (no couch potatoes).


It is important that your pup gets the minerals and vitamins that they need for a healthy body. Choosing the right dog food for your pup will take some research on your part, and ask your veterinarian about specific things to look for when choosing a dog food brand. As sodium (salt) often leads to water retention which can put excessive pressure on their heart, it is often recommended to stay away from high sodium diets. There are many additives and minerals that help strengthen your pup’s heart such as the classic Omega 3. This is an excellent addition to your pup’s diet and helps lower bad cholesterol and increase the good. There are many other natural substances that affect your pup’s heart positively (hawthorn berries and valerian) but always ask your vet before administering any doses to ensure that your pup doesn’t have a reaction to them.


Keeping your dog active is important in not only keeping them happy, but also keeping them healthy. If your pup’s problem is diagnosed to be severe, you may wait for this until the problem is under better control as you may only damage their heart worse.

A good diet and quality exercise are not just important for a pup with heart disease, they are important in preventing problems as well. Remember to take your pup in for a checkup on a regular basis to ensure their health.

Keep your pup happy with a healthy diet and active lifestyle so that they can live many long years with you!

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Caution in Leaving Money to Your Pooch

photoIt is always important to ensure that your legal will is situated in case something might happen to you. You are deciding how to divide your effects amongst your loved ones. Your family will likely be included, but what about your pooch? Your faithful canine companion is one of your closest friends and you want to ensure that they are taken care of. While humans of course have many rights of their own and are protected by laws, your pup may actually have trouble getting the care and effects that you leave them in your last testament.

Money and property

In 1923, American laws were adapted to allow owners to leave inheritances to their pets (not just pups). Although it is allowed, that does not mean that leaving money and property to your pooch will not meet with difficulties. There are still many loopholes in the system, and more often than not, the presiding judges still can decide what to do with your effects. There are trusts that the money can be left in, but the trustees will still likely have control of the funds. If you are debating to include your pup in your will, especially financially, remember that you will need to set up your own trust with specifics to avoid trouble and ensure your pup gets the care they deserve.

Although trusts can be created to offer financial protection not only your dog, but possibly pups in future generations, these are often difficult to arrange, and sometimes just as hard to ensure they are carried out properly.

Care and careful

Even if you request care for your pup through financial means and legal assistance, there are still difficulties in ensuring that this is accomplished. One problem with the legalities of a person’s death is that their family members often have rights before anything else. The legal system sees your blood relatives and adopted family as your closest life companions. This does not hold true, as people often find “family members” through close bonds with their friends and pets.

This is unfortunate for your faithful pup as they cannot actually fight for what may be rightfully theirs. Until laws are adapted to better protect the last wishes of the deceased, there will always be difficulties with carrying out a will.

To be buried with you?

What about something as simple as requesting your beloved dog be buried with you when they pass on as well? This is the most difficult task to accomplish as cemeteries in the United States do not allow pets to be buried where humans are buried. There is not much you can do about such laws.

If you are considering arranging for your pup to be taken care of- financially or physically- you may reconsider your arrangements. Pets are often regarded as property themselves (we may not think of them that way, but the legal system does) and actually leaving an inheritance to them via the current legal system may be difficult. Perhaps you should consider looking into available trusts, and organizing with a close friend or relative regarding your pup’s safety if you pass on.

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