ROCKY ADVENTURE – Do Dogs Dream a Sweet Slumber?

“I found myself in a grassy field. All around are scents of wonder and sounds that reminded me of something familiar that I cannot see. The fresh grass tickles my feet as I wander to explore this new place. I glance from side to side, seeking something that will tell me where I am. The smell is familiar, but the surroundings aren’t. This field, the bright sky, and the cool breeze of spring all tell me that I’m free for the moment.

Then the rabbit runs. So I do what comes natural. I chase the furry rascal, asking him where we are. He doesn’t answer, neither does he slow down. So I continue the chase. After all, what would I do with all this freedom but enjoy some good sport on this beautiful day. He dashes left, then right, but he won’t escape me. Though my feet move, it feels as though I’m floating…or even flying through the field.

The rabbit stays ahead of me, never evading, but never slowing either. Then more join the chase. Bunnies, that is. They’re everywhere now. So many, that I couldn’t catch them all by myself. It seems that I was in desperate need of help.

A bark from behind tells me that someone else is here.  To aid me in my situation, Izzy speeds past and tells me to hurry up with his excited yelps and howls. So I do. But the bunnies still evade our grasp. We’ll have to work together. I tell Izzy to chase one of the bunnies in a circle, and I’ll catch him in the middle. Izzy steers the bunny left ward, forcing the bunny back towards me. Together, we plan a clever trap in which the bunny falls into just as we planned. I pounce and a thousand bubbles explode into the air.

Izzy jumps high and snaps at a few. I chase some of the lower ones that tickle my nose when they pop. Then a huge bubble, as big as me, floats in the air high above. I have to have it. I jump, and the bubble sucks me in. I float there, looking down at the grassy fields full of bunnies and bubbles. Izzy calls up to me, telling me to get down. But the feeling is so amazing.  I tell Izzy to get in with me and that we can go exploring. But when he jumps, the bubble pops, and I fall back into the field, the grass catching and comforting me like a fluffy pillow.

When I look up, things have changed. At least, I think they have. The old man throws me a ball. It bounces down the hallway, and lands in the kitchen. I chase it around the room, but it always rolls out of my reach just when I think I’ve got a hold of it. I slide across the kitchen floor, but I can never get traction. My paws move furiously, but I can’t seem to get anywhere. The sound of the ball bouncing and the piano playing become louder as I slide away from the table. I start to get worried when the door begins to slide away from me. But the old man enters the kitchen, bringing the door and the ball back to me. I snatch the ball up and notice that it’s become a tasty treat, perhaps banana, I think. So I enjoy the texture as I chomp it down and wag my tail happily.

When I’m done, I look up to see the old man stares down at me, a smile on his face and my leash in his hand. His smile widens as he tosses the leash away and runs out the kitchen and through the front door. He runs, so I must chase. And through the grassy fields we run and play forever and a day.”

The old man looks down at his beloved Rocky. Little paws patter the air and a soft “woof” repeats as the little pup chases dreams through the imagination of a happy dog’s mind. Even though he is not the dreamer, the old man offers a smile of his own before returning to his book. As he reads, the old man too slips off into his own sweet slumber.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own Rocky Adventures.

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3 Ways To Participate In Love Your Pet Day

Our daily lives can often get so busy that we don’t always have a lot of time to really enjoy the companionship of our four-legged friends. Work, school, and chores leave us a little exhausted with little time to play with and show some quality affection to our dogs. But, this year we need to set some time aside for our canine companions. This February, Love Your Pet Day gives you a special opportunity to really spend some quality time with your companion and give them the attention and love they need to really enjoy life.

Just around the house

Start by scratching them behind the ear just a little bit longer. Then you can move on to more generous ways to give your pup some love. Perhaps you could give them a belly rub and puppy massage. Puppy massages can be a great experience for any dog, especially our older senior companions. It stimulates both blood flow and the nervous system to keep your dog healthy and active. Don’t forget to rub their paws, too! Even the more “grooming” related of activities can give your dog the attention and affection they want. Bath time isn’t popular for every dog, but for some, it can be an experience to feel fresh and get any dirt out of their fur for their special day. You could finish by giving them a good brushing to get tangles and stickers out of their fur (plus if feels great on their skin too).

Playtime outside

As for the methods by which we get dirty again, that brings us to playtime. There are certain places where our friends can’t always run free to enjoy their special day, so try to avoid most of them. Instead, take them to the park where they can be off their leash and play a good game of fetch. Make sure you bring plenty of tennis balls, Frisbees, and even a tug-o-war rope to keep things versatile and exciting. There may even be a couple of friends there that are celebrating the same thing with their canine companions, so it’s your dog’s chance to make some new friends. While you’re there, you can try and teach them a new trick or go through the old ones to keep up the practice. If you’re having trouble finding a place where your pup doesn’t have to be on their leash, you can always enjoy a walk together through the park or better yet- a new park that your pup has never been to before, where they can sniff and explore to keep their senses tuned and their tail wagging.

Give them a treat

Amongst your dog’s favorites is the always pleasing treat. So what does your dog enjoy the most? Perhaps there is a tasty treat that they favor? Or you might even cook up some new ones for your dog to try. Puppy muffins or even banana related treats can be delicious and best of all…new for your pup. When it comes to snacking, the best things are often something they’ve never tasted before, especially when you cook it just for them.

But you don’t always have to stick with the edible treat- give your dog some new toys, too. Chew toys, squeaky toys, and tug-o-war ropes that are new to their environment tell your pup that today is definitely a good day to be a dog. Dogs love new and interesting toys, so you might even invent some of your own. While very simple, few dogs can resist this particular toy, and plus, there’s no stuffing to clean up if your dog likes to pull their toys apart.

Try this: One-gallon water jugs are noisy and hard for a dog to catch, and when you combine two of them with a simple shoe string, it can make for a special, but very noisy, toy that they can chase around and get a little wild with. Just make sure to remove the caps and any extra water inside. You can even hold onto one jug while your pup holds onto the other for a fun one-on-one gaming experience.

Remember that February 20 is a special day to help remind us that we should love our companion every day of the year. Don’t let the fun stop on the 21st. Spend some quality time with your faithful friend every day. After all, that’s why we have them, and they have us.

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Stolen Hearts

February is a month to remind us of how precious those around us are. Because of this, February 14 also celebrates Pet Theft Awareness day, created to help remind us to keep our four-legged friends safe and out of harm’s way.

Because our dogs can often hold a financial value to others who would put a price on a priceless companion, theft is a problem when it comes to keeping our companions safe. We can start by simply becoming aware that our dogs could be a target when it comes to being stolen away.

A few precautions to take

Keep your dog secure in your yard or home. Be sure to avoid situations in which you leave your dog unattended in the yard, especially for long periods of time. Don’t think that just because they’ve been fine up until now that nothing will happen. Also be sure to avoid letting them out unattended at any particularly scheduled times, though it can be difficult since dogs need to potty at specific times of the day. Just make sure you keep a close watch on them. This is because thieves will often watch for habits and schedules, and will be inclined to steal if they know when, where, and what they can get away with. By keeping a close watch on your dog, you avoid any light fingers that might consider your dog a perfect match for someone else.

You may also consider spaying or neutering your dog. In truth, spaying or neutering your pet helps to reduce the desire for your pets to roam, such as digging under the fence or wandering too far in the neighborhood in search of other activities. Of course, neutering also reduces the likelihood that a thief would want to steal them. Technically, it reduces the financial value of your dog, but won’t affect the priceless gem that you love and adore.

Tags can be taken off

Because tags aren’t always a dependable source for relocating your dog, (still they are important in case they’ve merely escaped) it is important to keep an up-to-date photo of your dog along with pet insurance. If you’ve recently had them groomed, particularly for long haired dogs in warm climates, make sure you take a new photo. Luckily, it’s easy with all the smart phones and their accessories.

Unfortunately, photos of your dog aren’t always enough. Sometimes we have to get a little more technological. Consider getting your dog a chip. Not a snack, but a tracking device that will allow you to find your dog in case they escape, run away, or even get stolen. It doesn’t cost much and can save a priceless friendship.


If you’re going to be gone for long periods of time (this happened to someone who worked two weeks on and a week off) have someone you trust puppy-sit for you. Don’t leave your dogs at home or in the yard, even if they have adequate provisions. If you can’t be there to check on them periodically, and actually spend some time with them, you need to find someone or someplace that can ensure their safety. This may also apply to those going out of town on a business trip. Our pups can’t always join us, and you may just be gone for a day or two, but rather than leave them at home alone, ask a friend you trust to take care of them.

Raising awareness

One of the best things you can do to help reduce pet theft is to raise awareness about it. Few owners actually know about or understand how often it happens until it happens to them. So, if we all spread the word around, more of our canine friends can be kept safe and sound in the hands of those who truly love them.

Start with your friends and community. Really, with all the technological advances of the modern day, you could even put your social media to work as well. Create some links about Pet Theft Awareness and post them on Facebook, or tweet them on Twitter. It’s simple, and reaches a lot of people, especially a fellow pet owner.

You could even hold your own party dedicated to raising pet theft awareness. Have everyone get together and discuss safe practices for your pets. It’s a great reason to get fellow pet owners together and share some information that could save their pet one day. You could even plan times that you might need a puppy sitter or play-dates for your canine companions so that they aren’t left alone too often. It’s a great way to raise awareness and make arrangements that will help keep your pup safe.

While it’s important to focus on pet theft awareness this February, you should always practice safe habits to ensure your canine companion enjoys a safe lifestyle with the people they love. Be safe, and keep your priceless friend from being stolen away from heart and home.

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