GPS Tracking Your Pooch

Lost dog
GPS tracking systems for dog owners

Many pet owners have heard about the GPS tracking trend that is currently catching on quick. In this modern age of technology, it’s easy enough to find one of your friends by checking Google maps or by using one of your smartphone apps. Where once these devices were a preserve of the military and some government agencies, they have become commonplace, and are now being introduced to pet care.

GPS for your dog

GPS isn’t just for mountain climbers and explorers any more, it has found its way into our cars, computers and cell phones as well. And now, it’s made an appearance for dogs too. Just imagine being able to find your dog by calling them- on your cell phone. Though they may not answer, their location is handled by the many satellites that orbit the earth, and by far proves one of the most effective ways of finding a lost pooch.

These units utilize a long lasting battery unit which will need to be changed on a regular basis to ensure they work when you need them to. The device simply attaches to the collar, making it removable at any time. But, due to their increasing size, they can prove a burden to some smaller dog breeds. They are also going to be more expensive than a microchip as well, but the benefits may be better overall.

The benefits of instant tracking

One of the biggest issues with using a microchip is the fact that it has to be scanned by a shelter or veterinarian.  [tweet this]

While it’s common for dogs to wander out on their own on occasion, it means that an owner must wait until their dog is found before taking any action. In some cases, this can cost the owner valuable time, especially in cases where the dog has been stolen.

Contrary to this, the GPS tracking device allows an owner to immediately locate their lost pup. Access to a computer or smart phone will allow you to link up and locate your dog almost instantaneously. This is because your dog can be tracked anywhere in the world- or at least where there is internet or mobile access. It is even possible to find out where your dog has traveled in the past week, allowing you to examine their patterns and get a feel for where they’ve been and what neighbors’ homes they’ve visited (especially if they seem to be getting a little chubby on the sides). There is a sense of security with knowing exactly where your dog is, even when you can’t see them (they might just be snuggled up under the couch cushions).

On not in your dog

One of the more favorable aspects of the GPS unit is that it isn’t injected into the dog. For many owners, this is a great relief, especially if they feel that something foreign in their dog’s body might prove harmful. It also does not require a visit to the vet’s office either, which is often an additional cost not tagged onto the chip itself. So, it is reasonable to say that GPS is financially a better option.

Unfortunately, because these devices can be removed from the dog, it proves to be an issue when it comes to theft. Because it is tagged on your dog’s leash, it can be removed and discarded easily, even if they don’t know what the device is. However, the benefits of the unit is that it can record and track previous movement, offering a lead on potential culprits for the police to follow.

Using a GPS unit to track your dog has some extraordinary benefits that allow owners to instantly locate their pup as soon as they’re discovered missing. However, this does not vacate responsibility on the owner’s part. A good owner always knows where their pup is, even when they’re just out in the yard playing with their favorite stick or barking at the neighbor’s cat.

GPS has entered the pet arena, and more owners are beginning to see its advantages. While not every owner can afford such a device financially, it is always good to consider exactly how much your pup is worth to you. And for many owners, that value is priceless.

Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you don’t want to have to remember.  After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go “to the store” again.  Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!

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Porch Potty: Rocky Adventure
Porch Potty: Rocky Adventure

Things are definitely weird around here. The old man and I have been here for a while now, hopefully just visiting. The people-pups have been most entertaining to play with, but I haven’t really had much opportunity to get out and enjoy the lifestyle I’m accustomed to.

Usually, I would wake up, stretch my paws, and check on the old man to make sure he’s getting our breakfast ready (where he proves himself incredibly dependable). And then it’s out into the yard to check for any mail, trespassers, and empty myself out. But in this place, I’m basically stuck in our den. And there’s not much room to play around in.

There’s things under our bed, blocking me from investigating or even hiding some of my treasures I manage to sneak away with. The worst thing is that the door is always closed. Now in our house, there aren’t many closed doors. There’s one in the hall, which has the epic responsibility of keeping that noisy sucker-upper thing locked up so it can’t tear around the house (except every other week, when the old man makes the mistake of opening the door). There’s only another one that leads down into the basement, and I don’t care much about going down there.

But here, the one door in this den always stays closed. I’m always trapped in here, and only on occasion do I get visitors. Mostly it’s the old man, feeding me and then carrying me outside for a short walk so I can take care of my necessaries. Other than that, I’m pretty much just hanging out by myself. It’s really not that much fun, and I can’t wait until we get back to our own home.

Footsteps outside the door informed me that the old man had come to fetch me for a little time out in the sun, which I’m extremely grateful for. The door opened, and the old man popped in. But he wasn’t here to get me. A quick rummage through his bag and he was done, headed for the door. I stopped him at the door, telling him that I needed to go out, but he told me to get back. I had to go. I had to get out of here, even for just a moment.

The old man didn’t have a chance. As soon as the door was cracked and he had stepped through, I shot out like a lightning bolt. All that energy for the past few days had been stored up for this one magnificent romp through unknown territory. One door. Two doors. Then out of the hallway and into the big room.

The people and their pups were all seated on the couch, chattering away in their silly talk (which I won’t even try to make out this time). Then I was spotted, which was made clear by the high pitched yelps of surprise. The people-pups gave chase, and I led them in a fantastic game of tag. They were bigger than me, but not as cunning. Under the table and behind the desk I raced, evading their grasp with every dashing move I could muster.

Then the pair of them got smart and split up. We had been running circles, but now they were coming at me from both sides. I had nowhere to run but up, right into the lap of the lady-person. Because she wasn’t in the game I didn’t think she was going to play any part in the set-up, but perhaps that is what they wanted me to think. Sometimes these people can be so clever.

I was held fast in the trap. And then the rubbing started. It began on my neck and gave way to a little scratching behind my ear. That felt good. Then the people-pups joined in, and eventually the old man had settled down too and everyone was sitting on the couch, including me.

The only one not happy about the situation was man-person. He sat there, his arms crossed, eyeing me in a rather irritated manner. Perhaps he was upset because he wasn’t part of the game, or that his lady had won. He even tried to take me and give me back to the old man, but the lady shooed him away, as if he were a pesky squirrel. I think he was a little jealous, and with good cause too. After all, you don’t get much cuter than me!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own “rocky” adventures.

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Dog Owners Get Organized

dog with toys
Dog owner tips on organizing your home for your pup

Have you ever come home to find all your dog’s toys scattered around the house? You trip on a ball, squeak a toy under your shoe, or even find some extra stuffing on the ground. It is annoying to say the least. On some level, having a dog is just like having a kid around the house.

Dogs don’t exactly clean up all their stuff or put their toys away when their done. While this may be a nice trick to teach them, for the most part, we pet owners are responsible for putting their stuff away and keeping their things organized.

Time to play?

One of the biggest questions pet owners seem to come across is: What to do with all their toys? They’ll likely have a favorite ball, a stuffed squeaker toy, or even a favorite rawhide to keep them calm while you’re doing chores, watching TV, or on the computer.

No toys should be left out on the floor at random. Like anything else in the house, they should have their place. Having such an arrangement or storage place helps discipline your dog, since they’ll have to ask you for the toy before they can play with it.

Baskets are a great choice. It is just like a toy box, plus it’s easy enough to pick up your dog’s things and drop them back in while you walk by. Easy and convenient, they also allow your dog to pick and choose what they want to play with. And with a little training, you can also teach your pup to put their stuff back when they want another toy (so they’re not dragging everything out to play with at once).

Keeping your dog’s toys in a drawer would be another way to keep the house tidy, and ensure that your dog isn’t dragging out every toy all over. [tweet this]

This is perfect for puppies that want to play with everything and often eat just about anything (like the squeaker or fluff in their toy). For safety reasons, you’ll be able to control what your dog has and ensure they aren’t eating their play things.

Your pup’s food

When it comes to eating things, there’s nothing quite as humorous as finding your dog with their head in their food bag, sneaking a snack when they thought you weren’t looking. So, you’re left considering: What about their eats and treats? While they are good for your dog to consume, they should only have access to them when you say it’s okay. Using a sealed container to keep your dog out and away from their food is generally a good idea. Even if you keep it in a storage cabinet, it’s still a good idea to put them in something your dog can’t get open (such as a lock-top plastic storage bin). Some dogs can get clever about these things though, and will squeeze open cabinets or even pop off lids, so choose your container wisely. And on top of keeping your dog out, it also keeps the freshness in.

Safely stored medication

There’s one particular area, when it comes to keeping your dog out of places they shouldn’t be, that is crucial to their safety; the medicine cabinet. It is necessary to have a place for your dog’s medical supplies for their health. As a rule, their medication shouldn’t be stored with your own (to avoid confusion). So, use a special drawer for all of your dog’s special need items. These would include such things as toothpaste, flea and tick repellents, shampoo (you’d be surprised at what dogs will put in their mouths), and any medications including worm medicine and antibiotics. These should be in their own separate drawer or container, such as a lock box that your dog can’t open at all. Since they are medications, having them quickly available is essential, so be sure that you don’t hide it from yourself.

A little attire

For those that have doggy clothes to help keep their pups warm in the winter months, there is also the need to keep their outfits out of reach. Keep your dog-wear in its own drawer or on a closet hanger, just in case they decide it makes for a better play toy than a body warmer.

Pet owners and parents may not realize it, but dogs have a lot of stuff to think about. And because many of those rascals won’t pick up after themselves or wash their booties after a walk in the snow, it’s up to us to keep things in our home organized, and in due time, train the pup to try to pick up after themselves on occasion.

Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you don’t want to have to remember.  After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go “to the store” again.  Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!

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