A Collection Of Books On Picturing Your Dog

photoPhoDOGraphy: How to Get Great Pictures of Your Dog

By: Kim Levin

A Dog for All Seasons

By: Jim Dratfield

Portraits of Dogs

By: Kim Levin

How to Photograph Dogs: A Bark and a Smile Book

By: Kerrin Winter and Dale Churchill

How to Take Great Pet Pictures: Recipes for Outstanding Results with Any Camera

By: Ron Nichols

Photographing your pup can prove to be challenging when you are searching for that right picture. Scenery, lighting and camera choices can make a difference in a photograph’s results. The life and energy that these “memories” provide can be amazing, which is why so many people want to capture these moments they share with their canine companions.

Capture the memories

These books offer many creative ideas that will help you while you are capturing your memories. Taking photos can rely heavily on the personality of your pup. Is your dog a big pup or a little rascal? Are they mischievous or lazy? Consider some of these factors when you pull your camera out next time. Capturing your pup in their personality’s natural habitat can often bring excitement to your photograph. These authors can give you advice on how to put your pup in a situation where they feel comfortable with the picture taking. Making them comfortable and grabbing the emotions that the area offers. Creating a background for the photos is also a maker or a breaker. Cutting out scenery that does not add to the picture is always important. Try including people that add value to the shot like yourself, or family members that your pup loves too. This type of emotion can help a picture to blossom and show what a dog is all about.

Selection and hard moments to catch

These authors give advice on camera selection which can often grasp those particularly hard moments to catch. Choosing the right lenses and film can create a life like picture that is unique and special. Black and white effects can often enhance the appearance of a pup’s charisma. Many times, it is recommended not to use a flash. Pups can be distracted, and it pulls attention away from you and the moment. Using high shutter speeds can offer you the ability to catch your pup in action. Catching a fun game of Frisbee or fetch can liven the moment and keep your pup in an active perspective.

These books also offer tricks like getting down and seeing the world as your pup sees it. Catching them at their own eye-level offers a glimpse into the world they see every-day. Play with your pup and get them excited about the situation. A happy picture is one of the best memories. You can also try candid shots. Grab a shot while your pup is playing in the yard, completely unaware of the rest of the world. It grabs that personality and keeps it in a picture for you to remember forever.

These authors reach in-depth into the world of photographing dogs. They possess many helpful hints that offer insight into the world of capturing the moment, and show great photos with examples of pictures for you to try out. Just remember that your pup is unique to you, and that only you can truly grasp the love and memory that pictures have to offer.

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