ADOPT A PET MONTH – Choosing the Right Dog

photoBefore you introduce a new member to your family, there are some things you must first consider. You have to clarify what you and your family will desire from your new four-legged friend, and what the pup will need in their new home. Remember that you are not the only one whose life is about to change, so you want to be sure that you pick the right dog for you.

Consider the proposition of a pup

First, you must ask yourself – do you have the time for a puppy?  Can you spend lots of time with your pup? Busy schedules and work can overwhelm our lives, leaving little time to actually spend with a new dog. You’ll need to be able to take the time to properly train them and make sure their life is happy. This makes a large difference, especially to young puppies who need you to spend lots of time training.

Then, consider the amount of space you have to offer them. Is there lots of room?  Or perhaps you live in an apartment or condominium. If you live under a rented roof, you’ll have to consider the size of the dog you’ll adopt. Discuss with your landlord any requirements, as there are usually pet deposits and size limitations. You don’t want to put a Labrador in a small apartment. Having a pup join your life isn’t just about satisfying your needs.  Remember to consider the pup’s needs as well.

Also consider your budget. Money can play a big part in owning a doggy, so ask yourself – what can you afford for your pup? Consider the expenses of vet checkups, shots, dog food, housing, toys, and treats to keep them happy and healthy. You may not be able to afford to properly take care of a dog. And you don’t want to adopt them, only to return them when you can no longer afford to take care of them.

The right dog for your home

The Dog.  Now ask yourself what kind of pup you seek- do you like drooling, shedding, big or small, active, or perhaps even older? There are various combinations to choose from, and every one of them has the right owner, but you have to consider if you’re the right match for them.

When picking the right dog to join your family, consider any allergies, children, and other pets that will play a part in your pup’s life. Small children and other pets will greatly affect your pup’s lifestyle and ability to interact. If you have another dog, choose compatible breeds and genders. Gender can play a much larger role than you may think, as two females tend to interact better than a male and female or two males. For small children, such as infants, you’ll want to make sure your new friend doesn’t have access to them, at least until they’ve become adjusted to their new home.

Also remember that there may even be behavioral problems, such as bladder problems or aggressive tendencies. It is best to get a history on your future friend to make sure they will fit in with your family.

Choosing the right dog for you is more than just walking into a shelter and pointing a finger at a cute pup (they’re all cute). You have to make sure that you and your future friend are going to be a good match for one another, ensuring a house full of happiness.

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