After They Go

The book Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die is a helpful book for those that want to learn more about the relationship between humans and their beloved pets that have comforted them for large portions of a lifetime. The author, Jon Katz, has written several books, both fiction and non-fiction, that surround the nature of pets, honoring the companionship of our four-legged friends. This particular book is a guide for those who wish to understand a little more about the departing stage of a pet’s life, and the best ways that they can cope with the loss.

Preparing for departure

photoThe book goes into detail explaining the various relationships between people and their pets. Some people experience a very special bond with their pets, while some may feel the loss in a different way, often hiding their emotions from sight. As far as owners are concerned, each person deals with the loss differently, but preparing for and understanding that your pet won’t be with you until the end of time is very important. He writes that it is also important to understand that pets do not share our human characteristic that fears death. Dogs will know it is time to go and accept the fact as a law of nature, rather than struggle against it. Perhaps it is even the very thing that allows them to live life so freely. These understandings are going to be some of the largest steps in dealing with the death of a pet.

Dealing with the loss

Most people will deal differently with the loss of a dear friend. A very big part of their life is now gone, leaving only memories. The book goes into great detail covering the various ways that people deal with the loss, including: memorial services, remembrances (such as Facebook pages), and pictures which all solidify the memory of their four-legged friends. Mr. Katz discusses the facts of society and the pressure to often hide emotions from the public eye.

He also discusses the importance of acknowledging the good life, and remembering the happy experiences you’ve shared with your pet. It is important to understand that you have given your companion a good and quality life full of love, rather than dwelling on the moment of death. This helps the heart deal with the loss in a positive light.

Another point made covers the importance for any animal lover to add another companion to their life when the time is right. He states that there is no set timing for such an addition; it is something that a person feels inside. It is, in fact, important to have a grieving period, especially for children, as it teaches them loss and prevents them from becoming numb to the facts of life. But, it is important to continue your life and stay involved in the pet loving community. The companionship is a good and healthy part of the healing process, and it is good for other animals out there that need a good home where they can share their love with you. He covers the point that some people may feel as though they are betraying their lost pet, but acknowledges the fact that another pet will help a person deal with the loss in a much better way.

Overall, the book is a great addition to any pet library, helping people understand that it is okay to let their feelings show, especially when they’ve lost such a large part of their life, and that it is okay for them to move on and find love again.

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