All Fashions for Your Pooch

Dog owners strut your pups this fall season

The season of fall is here and with it will follow new trends and weather that our clothes are bound to accommodate to. A new hat maybe? Perhaps a new jacket would help keep the upcoming chill or drizzly downpour at bay. Our clothing changes frequently from summertime swimwear to winter jackets; we constantly change our appearance and style throughout the year.

But what about our dogs? Don’t they have a little dressing up to do this fall season? Many dog owners enjoy helping their dogs address the weather changes and perhaps even look a little stylish in the process as well.

Coats for the fall

Jackets are easy and stylish for the cooler weather. For toys and short-coat dogs, this can often be effective as well as stylish. Consider styles that fit your dog’s personality, in more ways than just straightforward. For the sweet puppy personality, try a leather jacket that contradicts their character to start some fall conversations in the park.

What about their own personal coats? A lot of dogs are going to start growing in their winter coats to help keep them warm. Dual-coat dogs are going to start shedding, so don’t forget that a trip to groomers can be comforting and a little less messy for your home’s interiors.

Of course, you could always exemplify their natural coats with the simple addition of a bow-tie. This works best for dogs with a natural “tuxedo” look (black coats with a white belly). They’re easy enough to find and can definitely add some style to your pooch. With the style of professionalism to match their companion, this simple addition gets them ready for any social event so that they can show off what really makes them so very charming.

There is also the fun of sprucing up for the holidays. This fall opens up holiday options like Halloween and Thanksgiving, so outfits that look a little spooky might be a great way to start getting ready for the fun. An orange shirt with a spider is classic, or even something that makes a statement- (hugz are my favorite treat!).

Though fashion is important, keeping them warm and out of the weather is also a concern. Rain coats for your pooch are growing in popularity. They can’t carry around an umbrella, so a coat and hoodie may be great for those moments when they need to go out and take care of their potty business.

Basic attire

Shirts are great for matching the season. A little sweater to keep them warm when you’re out for walks in the park. But, what about a harness to hold fast to your pooch during walks in the park? Collars and leashes are worn year around, and this fall is a great chance to get your dog a new set of clothes. As far as leashes are concerned, fall has a very rustic sense, and in many cases a good leather collar can give your dog a very proper and wise look about them. Consider a leather leash with their name embossed on it to ensure that they always find their way back home.

Patterns matter and fall is full of oranges, reds, and yellows. Stripes and colored patterns matching the season are always a tradition. This includes harnesses, especially for those who enjoy camping during this time of year. In these cases, you will want to consider bright colors so you can keep track of your pup in the fall foliage. Plaid is always popular and gives your dog the look as though they were truly born for the outdoors, even if they spend most of their time on your lap enjoying a scratch behind the ear. Harnesses are perhaps the most useful attire that can demonstrate fashion.

The bandana style never goes wrong (unless they decide it would make a better chew toy). The great thing about bandanas is that they come in all manner of style. With the approaching sports seasons (football), give your dog a style of support for your favorite team. Bandanas aren’t very expensive and can definitely give your dog a different look for each occasion so they can stay with the trend.

This fall is a season of falling leaves and beautiful colors. The weather is nice and your pup is eager to enjoy a few walks in the park with their best friend. With the cool weather, it’s time to get outdoors and show off your dog’s new attire and start a few trends of your own.

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