Are Dog Walkers Robbed?

Dog walks and dog lovers

Not everyone has enough time to spend ensuring the complete care of their dog. Busy schedules combined with special needs and care has helped the profession of the dog walker become a growing industry throughout the world.

The Dog Walker

Though the professional title implies what a dog walker is, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s all they do. While the profession is relatively easy to get into, it takes the natural charm and personality of a dog lover to really excel in the business. In some cases where an individual works for a company, they may be required to have certain experience and qualifications, such as taking medical classes for animals (in case of emergency situations).

But for the most part, professional dog walkers are entrepreneurs who are performing a service they enjoy for those who need it. So, this raises the question concerning the grass litter boxes that have recently gained popularity amongst dog owners. Are dog walking professionals being robbed?

Such grass litter boxes as the Porch Potty have enabled pet owners to avoid certain situations and increase the comforts of their pet. Because one of the jobs of a dog walker includes walking the dog to allow them the opportunity to potty, indoor potty units have been seen as a threat to the dog walking profession. But this is not the case, because the profession of the dog walker applies to so much more than providing an opportunity to potty.

The job of a Dog Walker

The primary job of a dog walker is to keep your dog healthy by getting a regular dose of exercise. Dog walkers will often take on multiple clients simultaneously, which is a great social opportunity for your pet. So, while an indoor potty unit prevents the need for your dog to have to go out to potty every time, this does not mean that they should also forego their exercise practices. For the dog walker, this simply means that they won’t necessarily have to pick up as many droppings in the park.

Some dogs may have situations that require assistance when you aren’t there to provide it. Certain medications may need to be given or there may be situations where they would need help moving around. In these cases, you could almost consider a dog walker as a dog sitter, but it is often a job entitlement of the profession. There are even some services that include washing, keeping the dog clean, and regular brushing (dogs love the attention and it’s relaxing for them).

Entertaining is the biggest part, especially while you’re away and you don’t want your dog to stay home alone for extended periods of time (they might get lonely or they might get mischievous). In this particular situation, while an indoor grass litter box would be beneficial, your dog would still need the opportunity to get out, have fun, and get some exercise.

Dog walkers perform a unique service

In addition, consider the fact that in many situations, dog walkers are not simply performing a duty. It takes more than just credentials and a leash to perform this line of work. The profession in fact works because there are individuals who perform a very specific service for an owner’s dog. The profession isn’t the same as washing a car or analyzing business accounts. It is a profession that relies almost completely on personality, compatibility, and overall effectiveness when handling a living, breathing creature.

Grass litter box units cannot replace walking your dog or interacting as another dog lover would. These units are a device designed to help dogs by giving them the opportunity to potty whenever they need to. Though in some cases, owners may rely strictly on a litter box, this doesn’t mean certain care and attention can be forfeited. As a dog owner, you are responsible for your dog’s health and happiness, which requires attention, exercise, and socialization. These can’t be replaced by an indoor grass litter box, and that’s where the dog walking professionals can help out.

Dog walking professionals are an essential asset to the pet care industry because they are able to perform a very unique service for pets and dog owners alike. While indoor grass litter box units have made the lives of owners and dogs much easier, they have not negatively affected the profession of dog walkers. In some cases, indoor litter box units can actually prove to be a useful tool for those in the pet care profession.

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