Arthritis and Your Dog

photoYou were used to the days when your pup romped about and jumped on almost anything that moved. But time catches up to us all. As a pup ages, they experience many of the difficulties that we humans also have as we get older. Arthritis can definitely put a damper on your pup’s extreme lifestyle- but it shouldn’t mean that your pup has to suffer. As your pup’s owner, you can take measures to ensure that your pup still enjoys life as much as you do.

Why my pup?

Much like humans, pups begin to feel the symptoms of arthritis in their senior years. There are many things that can cause it- from simple genetics to the lack of minerals in their diet or even excess weight that wears their joints down. Ensuring that your pup has a healthy diet can play a key role in helping your pup cope with arthritis.

What it does

The severity of this disease is variable, but worsens over time. You may notice your pup beginning to sit differently, or shifting their weight onto another leg. Unfortunately, pups don’t communicate like we do, so it is often difficult to tell when they begin to feel pain and stiffness. If the aches are severe, you may notice it right away as pups will likely not want to move around or play at all.

As your pup becomes older, you should get them checked regularly for arthritis, and pay attention to small hints such as discomfort or weight shifting. Catching the disease early will help you prevent them from enduring more discomfort.

What can you do

The good news is that there are things you can do to help them deal with the discomforts. Though there is no actual cure, you can still improve their quality of life.

Naturally easing your pup’s life is possibly the best way. Amongst some herbal remedies, there are many physical things you can do to help your pup deal with their condition. Massaging on a regular basis is a great experience for your pup. Chest rubs, legs, and especially paws can help alleviate the discomforts. These areas are targets for blood flow which helps keep their circulatory and nervous system working well. Incorporating some herbal oil into the mix will help soothe their pain- and they will enjoy the extra attention.

Exercise is still important. Though it may seem rough for them to endure- the movement such as simply walking around in the yard or park (preferably grassy areas to reduce joint impact) will help stimulate their joint fluids. Because arthritis inflames these areas, the fluid will help reduce the discomfort.

Increasing the ease of life- such as their regular needs- can help as well. The more comfortable you make your pup the more likely they will enjoy life. Soft cushions to rest on can help, along with making their food and water more available. But what about their other daily needs- like pooping and peeing. It is often quite discomforting when a pup has to get up and try to get outside to relieve themselves. Consider a Porch potty that offers the convenience of indoor plumbing for your pup. It’s something we take for granted, but consider how much it would ease your pup’s life- especially when arthritis can make even the smallest distance feel like a mile.

Arthritis is a terrible disease that can slow any pup down. But you don’t have to let it stop them from enjoying life. With a little care and a lot of love, you can ensure that your pup enjoys the quality of life they deserve.

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