Being Prepared for Your Vet Visit

Aside from baths, perhaps the most disliked events in your dog’s life are the trips to the vet. There they are in an unfamiliar place full of unfamiliar smells. Sometimes, they even have to get a shot or two to help get them better. But, it’s all part of dog care, and that means that it is essential that the utmost care be provided by your vet.

So, you must consider your vet just like you would consider your own doctor- or even your child’s pediatrician, since dogs are just like a kid to most of us. There are various factors to take into consideration, such as effective care and thorough knowledge regarding our beloved pets.

Interviewing your vet

The first few questions any loving pet owner should be ready to ask themselves and a potential veterinarian are: who does the procedures, how much it costs, and how long it takes. These facts are crucial to animal care and though they may seem unnecessary, they can provide the first bits of information you need to make the right decision.

Who is caring for your pet is always important. While many veterinary clinics have a public name, they may see multiple veterinarian doctors that move in and out of the facility. For a dog, familiarity is always a plus. Just because you go to the same vet clinic doesn’t mean that you’ll always see the same doctor. For your dog’s benefit, and your own satisfaction, you may consider a location that is frequented by a single individual. These can be more difficult to locate, but are often more rewarding, since they are able to handle your dog with familiar and frequent care that multiple veterinarians may not provide.

Cost is always an issue as well, especially since money is a commodity that many cannot afford to spend recklessly. Some veterinarian hospitals provide numerous commodities that your dog may not need, and there’s no reason for you to pay for them if they are going to waste. Be sure you research potential veterinarian hospitals to ensure you get what you need for what you are paying for.

Frequency is another topic that is vital to any dog’s care. While most clinics are open during business hours, finding a location that offers services after hours can be extremely advantageous. Always consider emergency care. This is vital to your dog’s well-being, especially since accidents can happen at unusual times of the day, or even in the middle of the night You want to be sure that you can expect someone you and your dog are familiar with to be able to ensure quality health when your dog needs it most.

Talking to the vet

Often, an interview with the vet may be required to get a feel for your dog’s ability to associate with their veterinarian. Inquire about your vet’s familiarity with your dog breed. Not all breeds are the same, some experiencing a unique array of habits, conditions, and even attitudes that your vet may not be that acquainted with. This will help provide a unique experience of well-being for your dog to ensure quality health-care.

Talk about it

Always ask around for recommendations and be open to new ideas. Never settle on the first name you see. It may take a few trips and a little time, but if you shop around for the perfect vet, you’ll be able to find the health care your dog needs. Start by choosing at least three different veterinarian locations that you are familiar with, and begin investigating each. Let your dog share the experience with you, because it will ultimately come down to how comfortable they feel with someone who is caring for their health.

For many new pet owners, the first trip to the vet will always be a surprise. They may find themselves facing a vet that makes radical claims or attempts to push an owner to make decisions they may not feel comfortable with (neutering or spaying are common). While their recommendations have some education behind them, be sure to research them for yourself and avoid making any serious decisions that will drastically alter you or your dog’s life on the spot. Luckily, there are various forums and websites that offer pet owners various recommendations from fellow pet lovers that have shared the same experience. Be sure you examine the facts for yourself before you let someone else make them for your dog.

A trip to the vet isn’t always something to worry about. Frequent checkups are recommended to ensure quality health and well-being for any and every dog. Just be sure that you know who you are seeing and that they know exactly how and when to take care of you beloved companion.

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