Bring Home A New Dog

If one pup is not enough for you, two may be the answer, and can prove to be a rather exciting event. Dogs- like people- don’t always get along with each other. There are some important things to consider when you want to make an addition to your home. This event will take some time and effort, so be prepared for puppy power…round two.

photoConsider the compatibility of your dog with the new dog. Age can affect the relationship. Young and active pups may harass an older pup, not to be mean, but because they want to play. Try choosing pups in a similar age group. Consider also that the gender of your dogs may play a part in deciding whether or not they will get along. Choosing a male for a female or vice versa seems to be the most compatible relationship. Choose your new dog so that your dog will be able to gain from the new friendship as well.

Take some time to do this right

When you first introduce your pups to each other, you will want to consider taking some time off. Plan the meeting out thoroughly, you want to set it up in a neutral place. The area should be free of distractions, and away from your house and yard. This will prevent your pup from responding aggressively in response to territory. A secluded spot in the park would be a good spot. Use leashes to keep control, but leave slack so that they will not get anxious. Let them sniff and inspect until they seem comfortable enough. Then you should walk the both of them home together. The walk enforces bonding amongst your group and helps to ease tension.

In your home, feeding time should be simultaneous, but in separate rooms. This helps to prevent your pups from becoming jealous or territorial. Treats should be done the same way; you may want to start out with simple treats that won’t make the pups so covetous. As you move about in the house, you may notice your pup will become jealous and protective of you and some of their favorite items like toys. If it seems that you will be the center of a dispute, move away from your pups. The less anxiety they feel towards each other, the quicker they will bond. Even though there is a new pup in town, do not forget to spend special time with your pet. Dogs may feel that your affection has been taken away, and may begrudge your new companion. Spend time with both pups; try to choose activities that will not create a competitive situation. Instead of throwing one ball for fetch, use two separate balls at the same time. Keep them both active and working together.

Schedule potty training

Potty training should go as scheduled. It is important to keep in mind that if your new pup does have an “accident”, it is likely that the area will be a hot spot in the future. Make sure that if this does happen, any soiled areas are cleaned as quickly and effectively as possible to avoid more messes.

Watchful preparation

Because the situation is new to all three of you, it is vital to keep an eye on your new pair of pups. Fighting may occur, and it is best solved with distraction rather than punishment. Separate the two and offer them incentives to stay calm. Preparing your home for a new pup can be difficult and end up consuming a lot of time. If you are ready for that, you are ready to welcome all the new love in the family.

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