Bring Your Dog When You Hit the Trail

A lot of people who love to travel have apprehensions about bringing their pets with them when they leave their homes.  It does require some work and preparation and they’ll find all of their efforts worth it as they get great pleasure in their trip with their furry pals.

First, the preparation for travel begins with your pet’s visit to his veterinarian. Ensure that the vaccination shots of your pet are all up to date.  Moreover, you can also get hold of essential medications if your pet has to take some medicines throughout the course of the trip.

Once you have to make hotel reservations, it is important for you to mention that you are planning to bring your pet with you.  This is the best time for you to find out if they charge extra fees for guests with pets.  There are pet friendly accommodations so look for that information as you’re choosing.  Work this out of ahead of time so that you’ll know what to do when you arrive.  You would not want your pet to stay in a very strange place at the last minute.

It is also recommended that you bring the most appropriate pet carrier for his size.  The carrier should at least allow your pet to stand and lie down.  Just make sure that it is not too big as you may have troubles having to haul it around with you.

Keep your pet leashed at all times as you’re visiting a new and unfamiliar place.  Also, bring a flea collar and apply flea medicine on their skin to prevent them from acquiring fleas or ticks from places you will be visiting.

Remember to bring a water bottle with you all the time plus a bag of treats.  Pay close attention to your dog if he needs a break or just some time alone.

Last of all, be a responsible pet owner.  Always clean up the mess your pet left after him.  Bring plastic bags for when you walk him so that you can clean up around the hotel or park area.  And, it would be helpful to carry a small vacuum cleaner whenever you have to clean up scraps, hair or litter created by your pet around the room or sleeping area.

Happy Trails!

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