June 25th: Are You Taking Your Dog to Work?

Take Your Dog to Work Day is being celebrated every year to support dog adoptions through information dissemination to the public and making them experience how it is to own a dog.  This special event exhibits the extraordinary bond between owners and their dogs.  This year it happens on Friday, June 25th, 2010.

Will you support this event and take the time to take your dog to work?

If so, I hope these helpful tips make your Take Your Dog to Work Day experience a winning advocacy.

1.)   This special event marks it 11th Anniversary this year.  Take time to plan ahead for success for that day!  “Fail to plan; you plan to fail”.  Make a plan early!

2.)   Make sure that your dog has been cleaned and properly groomed.  There are dogs that are timid, assertive or uncontrollable.  If this is the case, you may opt to take part in this event by taking a photo of your dog to the office or arrange a fundraising activity for a local shelter that you support.

3.) Exercise your pooch prior to bringing him to your workplace.  That might help settle him and also give him the opportunity to relieve himself. (Or, you can bring a Porch Potty to work with you!)

4.) Remember to bring with you some toys, treats and blankets to your office to assist you in making your dog feel more comfortable and avoid the stress of staying in a totally new environment.

5.) Assign a special space under your office desk or in a corner nook to give some place for your dog to have time alone and a place of safety when he already gets weary from all the interactions with the other dogs brought by your other officemates. (Or, even from the interactions of your co-workers!)

6.) Stay away from offering your dog some treats in moments when he is surrounded by other dogs. No need to start a food fight at the office! 🙂

7.) Make sure that your dog has identification on him in the event that he gets lost or unleashed.

8.) Keep in mind that you have to bring a leash and ensure that you take time in walking your dog during the day. Bring supplies “just in case” he has an accident. (I find that carting tons of cleaning supplies with me absolutely wards of any accidents – just like washing the car ensures rainfall!) 🙂

9.) Before the day, cover with your co-workers how to handle treats especially if they’re bringing their dogs, too.  Avoid upset stomachs or competition between dogs by just providing treats to your own pet and encouraging your co-workers to do the same.  If someone does slip a treat to your dog, be sure to make note of it just in case there’s any negative after effects – you’ll have a list of what could of attributed to that.

10.) Most importantly, do not forget the essence of Take Your Dog to Work Day.  This day is intended to be a fun-filled day for everyone and an exceptional way to make you and your pet bond throughout the day.

So, whose taking their dog to work?

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Pet Appreciation Week Video

Thank you to our amazing pet owners and their fabulous dogs! 🙂

From owner, Kimm:

Burnahrd is a 7 year old rescued dog that won my heart when he was a year old.  He lost his left back leg due to abuse by his former owner.  Maighie is a 2 year old rescued dog that started out as a foster and decided to stay with us.  She lost her right front leg and shoulder by getting caught in her former owner’s garage door.  It took about 6 months for Burnahrd to start playing with Maighie but now they are fast friends!

From owner, Jillian:

River is very special to me though and I try to show my appreciation to her every day! I love training her and teaching her tricks, going on walks, taking her out to visit people and anywhere I can take her, she loves playing, I make sure her bed is comfortable … See Moreand warm (with a heating pad when needed), and I always take some time to let her relax on my lap! I always say, “She is a very spoiled dog, but she deserves it.” 🙂

From owner, Jill:

Dexter loves his porch potty and his new shoes. We are very blessed to have him, he is a rescue and is 19 months old

From owner, Maria:

I love Rocky!  He’s the other “boy” in my house and my four-legged son! 🙂  He is always joy-filled and filled with care and happiness.

From dog, Casper:

I, too, look forward to sitting and relaxing with my mom beside me….but hard to pin her down! I particularly like to ‘chew’ on the back of her hand….I think she likes it…I just hope that I am not hurting her too much! I do ‘talk’….here I am ‘talking’ to you!

With love to all of our dogs! 🙂

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Pet Your Pooch

I look forward to times when I can sit, relax and just have my Rocky on my lap or beside me.  I really don’t know who it’s more relaxing for – me or him!

For Pet Appreciation Week, why don’t you just spend a few extra moments with your pooch today.   Extra petting and time together is always an extra treat to your four-legged friend!

It’s funny to read all these “suggestions” across the web on how to show appreciation for your pet.  One place even suggested “licking” your dog.  (I won’t be doing that!) Yet, I will spend extra time with “the Rock”.

When we spend time together we also talk.  Does your dog talk to you?  I don’t have Rocky on video talking – yet.  But, he does talk to me.

Here’s a cute video of other chatty mutts.  And, remember to send in your dog’s photos – either email us – maria[at]porchpotty[dot]com of post it on our Facebook page.  I’m compiling our APPRECIATED DOG video and want to make sure your sweetie’s in there.


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