Pet Appreciation Week

I brought Rocky his favorite treats yesterday just so he knew how much I loved him….we loved him.  He is such a huge member of our family now and to think just a short three years ago he was a shelter dog looking and longing for a home.

We couldn’t feel more blessed!

And, while he’s definitely food oriented – even more than treats – he appreciates when we can spend time with him.  Whether it’s just chatting, or having him on our laps, petting him or having fun running and jumping with him, you can see the big smile on his face (the uncontrollable vigorous wag of his tail) when he’s really having a good time!

What will you be doing this week to show appreciation for your pooch?

Post a special picture or your dog here or on our Facebook page or by emailing me:  maria[at]porchpotty[dot]com and I’ll put together a fun, video montage of your pup in our “Most Valuable Pooch – Appreciation Video”

What else can you do?

  1. Spend time with your dog – even relaxing together can be an amazingly satisfying event.
  2. Look for fun times to spend together. (My sister took her Chihuahua to a huge Chihuahua event in her community last week and he (her little boy- Li’l Bit)  had more fun “making new friends”.)
  3. Provide special treats
  4. Extra hugs

    What else?  (Oh, and send your photos in, too!)

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