Choosing A Puppy Sitter

Your plans are going to separate you from your pup, but only for a short time. Finding someone to care for you pup while you are away on either your extreme vacation or on a business trip can put some pressure on you. You want to ensure the safety of your canine friend, so choosing a person that you can depend on will take some investigation.

Consider your trusted friends

If you don’t already have a trusted puppy-sitter, you will need to find someone that you can trust. Consider friends that also have canine companions. These people will understand the needs of a pup and your dog would have a playmate. Locate someone who has a pup that seems to get along fairly well with your dog. This can be a great starting place for locating a trustworthy person.

Plan an interaction before you leave

photoFinding a sitter that is professional or certified may be another option. Invite them over to your home to see how your pup interacts with them. If everything goes well, set up an appointment for your pup to stay with them for the day. Let your pup decide whether they like the person because it is they who will be staying with them while you are gone. You will want the experience to be good for them, not depressing.

Considering that you find a professional puppy-sitter, check their history. Ask around about their credentials and get opinions from people that have used them previously. It will help if those you ask have a pup similar in breed and nature to yours. Dogs are like people and present different personalities. Someone may be good with certain breeds, but not with others.

Your place or mine?

You will have to decide where your pup is going to stay- your home with the sitter or with someone else at their house.

If you decide your pup will be better off at your house with all the familiarities, you will need to locate a person that can be trusted with your belongings. A close friend would be best for this job. If they aren’t familiar with a dog’s nature, you will need to spend time instructing them on the basics. Writing down your pup’s daily habits and time frame will help quite a bit. Take into consideration if the person is going to stay with your pup at the house, or just drop in to check up on them.

It will be difficult for your pup to say goodbye to you, even for a short while. If they are going to stay with someone, consider that they will need things that remind them of you. Their favorite chew toy and a blanket that smells like you can help keep their anxiety down. Consider dropping your pup off at your sitter’s home a week early, and spending time with them there. This will help them associate the place positively and won’t affect them as harshly.  Dropping your pup off early will also keep you available if any circumstances or questions arise because you will be there to take care of them and adjust your pup to the situation.

Finding a puppy-sitter will take some time, don’t rush it or you may feel worried while you’re traveling. It can be difficult to say good-bye to your pup even for a short time- but by planning ahead and making quality arrangements, you can ensure your pup is well taken care of.

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