Do dogs really need toys?

Dogs love to chew.

It’s a part of a dogs’ life. Chewing is expected of puppies, after all, they are teething and unfortunately sometimes they chew things they are not supposed to. But adult dogs? Why do they chew?I am sure you have come home to find a favorite pair of shoes or slippers ripped to shreds, or even a favorite book torn to pieces. Why do dogs chew things they are not supposed to?

Playing is an important part of a dog’s life. It keeps them mentally active and alert. Chewing is part of their entertainment. If they do not have toys to play with, they will find something else to gnaw on, or should I say destroy. Some dogs are more destructive than others, and not all chewing is a sign of boredom. Sometimes its a dog’s way of asking for attention. Maybe you have been spending a lot of time at work lately, or the kids have been busy at school functions. Your dog feels neglected, simply because he doesn’t understand why your not home yet, giving him attention. Chewing your slippers makes him feel closer to you – after all, your slippers smell like, well, you.

Toys have never been meant, or are intended to take the place of your companionship and regular exercise and playtime with his humans. However, to keep doggie from getting bored and thus getting into trouble, it is a good idea to have at least 8 to 10 toys for him or her to play with and chew on.

There are an abundance of toys to choose from, for all sizes and ages of dogs, and even their specific chewing habits. There are plush toys with different fabrics, squeaker toys, tug toys, chewies, toys for tossing or rolling, and even toys with treats hidden inside! There are even toys for those of us who have decided to “go green” that are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when doggie is done with it.

It’s a good idea to have many toys and varieties, and rotate them on a regular basis. This allows for cleaning and disposing of toys that have been played to death, as well as the renewed interest your dog shows when he sees them as “new” or “I forgot all about that one!” toys.

Even though your dog has plenty of toys, don’t forget he needs you to play with him too. It’s great exercise and fun for the both of you. Frisbees, balls, tug toys are all great “my human can play too” toys.

Yes. Dogs really do need toys. Toys keep them happy, occupied and out of trouble.

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  1. And yes dogs need toys because when they don’t have toys than they will chew things that their not supposed to so that’s when bones come in hope i can help.

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