Dog+: Dogs Using Social Media

The social networks of today allow us humans to interact with each other and meet new people and friends every day. Some folks have had the inspiration to create social network pages for their pets in the past to help them meet other pets out in the world. Lately, these networking advantages are now becoming specifically available for your pup.

Creating your pup’s profile

photoAs these newer social media become doggy specific, owners are able to interact with fellow pup owners that share common interests. You can create a profile via the internet to meet people that you would not otherwise have run into at your regular dog park. More practically, if you were an owner of a Corgi breed of pup, you can seek out other Corgi owners in the area near you. This would help people and their pets that share common interests become more interactive with each other. As these owners become more accustomed to using social media, these networks will expand and prove to be a very valuable tool for expanding the social life of you and your pup.

Many uses for dog circles

Doggy oriented social media allows for more companies to interact with pet friendly offers. Vacationing spots and eateries that are pet friendly can now see the pups that they can potentially serve. Creating a network of doggy oriented sites can greatly affect the world our pets live in. These social networks can allow owners the ability to search for doggy oriented places that they may want to visit or simply network with their own community regarding puppy related subjects. You can place information publicly for your fellow pet owners to see and interact specifically with people of a common interest. These networks keep you informed about events such as a fellow doggy’s birthday party so that your pup can enjoy the party. There are even possibilities of setting up a dog-sitter for your pup with a fellow dog owner.

Meetups and huddles

Special collars that are utilized to reference your pup’s movements have become quite popular. They allow you to uplink your pup’s location to social networks so that you can register your pup’s movements and create pet hotspots to let other dog owners get a feel for where the action is. This helps new owners find locations where they and their pups can become a part of a doggy oriented community. This is also a beneficial network if you are visiting a new area and want to find out where you should consider taking your pup. A network like this can greatly assist someone that wants to find a great spot for their pup to enjoy at any time of the day in any location.

These networking abilities have proven their quality for us humans by helping us to find new friends and keep in touch with old ones at our convenience so using them for pups seems to be a great chance to prove its versatility. As social networks become more pup friendly, we can expect to expand the experience of being a happy dog owner.

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