Does Your Dog Need A Life Jacket?

During the summer months, there are many activities we entertain ourselves with to keep us cool. Water provides an element that is both fun and cool. We enjoy swimming, boating, fishing and just running through the sprinklers at home. Regardless of what water activities we entertain ourselves with, it is important to remember our four-legged friend’s safety. They want to enjoy some time in the water, and it’s up to you to ensure their safety.

Boating and fishing

Taking your pup out into the ocean with you can prove to be an exhilarating trip. A cool breeze in the face and cool water all around is quite the experience for anyone. Remember that safety is always first though. You, your children, and even your pup should be kept safe from the dangers water can sometimes present. Even the best swimmers can be caught off guard by undertows and water currents. When a pup unexpectedly falls into the water, just like a human, they too can panic. Anxiety can kick in and disorient a pup’s bearings. Breathing shortens and he becomes exasperated. This is a dangerous situation for your pup and can be for a person trying to save them.

Life jackets for…Everyone

photoUsing life jackets for you and your family is always important during a trip like this. So why not have one for your four-legged friend as well. They’re sharing the trip with you, and now they can be kept safe as well. Doggy life jackets are becoming more popular in usage. They are designed specifically for pups and can save their life if they happen to fall (or jump in trying to chase a fish) into the water. They come in a variety of bright colors for easy spotting and have straps designed to make it easy to grab them and pull them back on board.

Size matters

Getting your pup sized for their life-jacket is vital to their safety. Dogs vary in size (like us humans) and although there are vests made for pups your size, it is best to try a few on to ensure that everything is secure. If the vest is loose, your pup could slip out when they fall in a body of water and the vest would do little, if anything.

Strap your pup in the vest and make sure that everything fits right. You don’t want anything to be too restrictive though, make sure that your pup can breathe and still move around okay.

Life jackets also add protection during water sports. Playing and interacting with other pups in the water, your pup can find themselves bouncing and smashing into their playmates. The life jackets can act as a security vest that prevents them from injuring themselves, while keeping them above the water. They can enjoy chasing you across the pool or playing with you down by the river.

Wherever you are, remember that safety is always first. Life jackets save the lives of people every year, so why not let it be there to offer the same safety for your pup as well. Whether they are out enjoying the ocean with you, or playing with your kids in the pool, your pup can be kept safe.

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