Dog Proof Your Home

Dog owner tips on how to make your home safe for and from your dog

Your home is your dog’s home. Though they aren’t allowed to get into the refrigerator and munch on your leftover sandwich, they basically have access to majority of the household – or at least what you allow them to have.

So basically, their home is supposed to be a safe haven for them- and from them. That means it is up to you to ensure that not only are they protected from particular dangers within the house, but that your house is protected from them as well.

Protecting your dog from you home

Having a canine companion in your home isn’t as simple as it sounds. Dogs are often curious about everything, and you should consider them as you would a small infant. Certain hazards will eventually present themselves through electronics, kitchenware, and especially the things you use to keep your house clean.

To start, electronics are abundant in today’s households. Phone charging equipment, computers, and even television all utilize power cords. Any dog owner clearly understands how much their canine friend loves to chew- especially when they’re bored. While we may realize that you should never chew on a power cord, our dogs may find them irresistible, especially if they think they aren’t supposed be doing it (dogs tend to have a little mischief in mind).

Keep power cords confined to spaces and covered with protective tape or sheathings to prevent them from becoming a dangerous chew-toy.

The next concern is the kitchen. Despite its clear purpose as a food preparing and eating area; to a dog, counters and cabinets can quickly become a mysterious target. Keep sharp objects such as knives away from edges along with heavy frying pans or other equipment. Don’t allow your dog to get up on counters or leave objects hanging over the edges so that they can drag something down.

As for cleaning supplies, when you have a dog in the home, keep cabinets locked and sealed. Cleaning agents such as bleach, ammonia, and other toxic formulas should be kept in high areas that can’t be reached by curious paws.

Protecting your home from your dog

The other side of the coin is equally true for a dog owner. Your house is also a precious object and dogs tend to have habits which can be damaging to furniture, walls, doors, and even your bedroom.

Dogs are renowned for their scratching habits. Maybe they have to potty or maybe they just want to get outside to romp around the yard to let some energy out. But the truth is, doors often become a prime target when it comes to your dog’s paws and nails. Consider utilizing door protectors that attach to the bottom of the door. These can prevent scratch marks that cut into the wood and discourage scratching.

Slippery floors are something that present a hazard to both dog and house. Picture your canine racing across the tile floor. They slip and slide around, possibly injuring themselves. But at the same time, they scratch the flooring. Consider placing down rugs in certain areas where your dog can gain traction and will prevent them from scratching up the flooring. Be cautious on your selection of rug fabrics since some can actually catch your dog’s nails and tear or damage them.

What about the yard? Plants, gardens, and even the fence can be concerns for dog owners. A dog might dig up the yard to some degree, but what they find out there can be dangerous to their health. Does your garden have anything hazardous to dogs? Certain fruits and vegetables like onions are toxic for a dog. They may even be allergic to certain species of vegetation, just like humans are. If you do have a garden, be sure the vegetation is safe for your dog or that you keep the two of them well-separated.

Can your dog dig under the fence? Is your dog a digger? Can they jump over? This brings up the topic of theft, which is a growing concern for many dog owners. Safety is always an issue, and an effective barrier that keeps your dog safe from intruders is just as important as your dog keeping you safe from intruders.

Preparing your house to be dog-friendly isn’t just about protecting your home; it’s about protecting your canine friend. Dogs have habits and instincts that can often result in plenty of curiosity and even a little mischief when you aren’t looking. But as long as you take a few precautions and view your home as your dog will see it, you can protect your home and your dog and ensure everyone’s safety.

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