Dogs Are A Girl’s Best Friend

photoWe love our pets, and always hate to see them leave us behind. Dogs are man’s best friend and offer us years of faithful companionship. But time eventually catches up to even the best of pups. But how will you want to remember them? Some folks bury them; some take them to the taxidermist. There are even options where for a price, they will professionally mummify your pup. Now technology has made it possible to remember your pup that was a gem in life- as a diamond in the afterlife.


Once your pup has passed on, you will need to have their body cremated to produce the ashes needed. There are labs and facilities that can extract more carbon from your pup, but they can be quite costly. Vacuum chambers and a completely sealed situation can extract every bit of carbon, but for most situations you will only need approximately 200mg to complete a 1kt diamond from your pup. Sometimes that is all you need to create a memory from your pup that will last forever.


Carbon is the element which composes all diamonds. Among any carbon based life-form (humans and dogs) bodies are composed of approximately twenty percent carbon. After your pup’s cremation, facilities utilize the ashes which will contain carbon to begin the creation of a diamond. It commonly takes between seven and ten weeks to build the right heat and pressure to form diamonds from your pup’s ashes. Some facilities will affect the colors to your specifying – Nitrogen turns them fancy yellow, heat turns a yellow green, and radiation turns a green red. Boron turns a colorless blue and a colorless is grown in the absence of nitrogen. These color changes are extremely rare occurrences in the natural world and can definitely add uniqueness to your puppy gem.


There is a variable price range for this procedure. Costs start at around $2,000 US, and can reach as high as $25,000 US, but it all depends on what kind of gem you are seeking. The more karats you want your puppy-gem to possess the more it will cost. The pigmentation process can vary the cost a slight bit so that you are able to choose what kind of radiance your pup shines in the afterlife.


Diamonds have some of the highest value in the world. They sparkle and shine- helping us to remember special dates such as weddings and anniversaries. These gems are not just a thing of monetary value- they are memory storage devices. Your pup has such an impact in your life, perhaps burying them doesn’t seem like enough.


Your pup has a value like no other object in the world. A once living creature that shined in your life is hard to forget. This process allows us humans to keep our pup’s shining forever. We can look down at our fingers or on a necklace to enable us to remember the beauty of what once was. These memories never leave us- because diamonds last forever.

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  1. I would have to say our pups are already “diamonds”, thouh you could also say they are pretty rough and could use some polish. LOL


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