Dogs As Members Of The Family

photoDoes your pooch receive holiday and birthday gifts from you, sleep in the bed with you, have health insurance, and appear in family portraits? Millions of Americans treat their dogs as part of the family, pampering them with homemade treats, dressing them up on special occasions, and bringing them along on family vacations.

Canines definitely have a lot to offer to the family unit. They can play the roles of companion, child, sibling, helper, and protector. We love them because they are never too busy to share a moment, whether happy or sad, with us.

According to a survey done by the American Veterinary Medical Association, 63 percent of homes in the U.S. include pets. We don’t mind spending our dollars on specialized foods, squeaky toys, comfortable beds, and even pet insurance policies to ensure our dogs lead happy and healthy lives.

Dogs as siblings

Many believe that dogs play an important role in the lives of children, especially those who come from broken family environments. Whether it’s through sharing a bag of popcorn or playing a few rounds of fetch together, dogs help fill in the lonely spaces for children. Kids draw significant emotional support from canines, and research even suggests that children with dogs have higher development scores. A lot of kids go to their dogs when they have problems about family, friends, or school because they know their pets will love them unconditionally.

Dogs as children

Young couples who have yet to start a family and elderly couples whose human kids have left home often treat their dogs like children. Because dogs are innocent, dependent, and never grow up, they make wonderful kids. Several dog owners spoil their pets by providing them with gourmet treats and throwing birthday parties for them, among others.

Dogs as companions

Loving and being loved is essential in our lives. That love can come from a human or a canine. Dogs make us feel needed, accepted, and loved, through easy and difficult times alike. That’s what family is all about, and we treat our dogs like family because they treated us like family first.

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