Don’t Pause on Puppy Training

Bringing home a new puppy can be incredibly exciting, but remember that those little puppy paws need to be trained as soon as they come through your door. Too often, new pet owners forget about proper training until after the excitement of a new pooch has worn off. The worst thing you can for you pup is to wait on training. By encouraging positive behaviors and discouraging negative ones, you’re setting an early example for how your puppy can fit into your daily life. Ensure that you’re giving the right impressions early on to prevent further difficulties in training or behavior. This is especially crucial when it comes to potty training.

Puppy Playing

Training your puppy to do his business can be a challenging task, seeing that most pet owners suffer from the frustration of frequent accidents. There’s no real quick fix to this, but you can take positive measures to prevent them. Keep on top of your potty training and be sure to take your dog out to his elimination area frequently. Don’t ever rub his nose in an accident. Simply clean it up and keep going. Puppies have a hard time differentiating between positive and negative reactions and are in constant need of attention. Show you pup it’s wrong by ignoring him when he does it, giving him a sharp “no”, taking him outside, then telling him where he should go.

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