Dressing Your Dog Properly

photoThinking about dressing your pooch but afraid of committing a canine fashion faux pas? With so many options available these days, you can certainly find clothing that matches your pet’s personality and even outfits especially designed for special occasions. Finding the right duds for your dog may seem challenging but it’s actually not that difficult. Simply follow this guide to make sure that your four-legged friend is always on the best-dressed list.

* Dress your pet according to the weather. Smaller breeds are more sensitive to the cold, so bundle your Chihuahua up when it’s chilly outside. That outfit may be cute, but there’s no point in having your dog wear it if it won’t even keep him warm.

For the summer, choose thinner, lighter colored garments. You can even let your pooch wear a hat or visor to keep the sun out of his eyes. Obviously, sweaters are a no-no during this time of the year. Keep in mind that just like us, our canine companions get cold and hot, too.

* Dress your canine companion during special events and occasions, such as Halloween and Christmas. Don’t go for too elaborate designs though, as these can be expensive and make your dog feel uncomfortable. You want your dog to be dressed for the occasion but you don’t want him to be mistaken for the Christmas tree or a present!

* You and your pet can wear matching outfits. This isn’t necessary, of course, but it is fun and it displays the bond between you and your dog. You might have a hard time finding garments with identical patterns, so look for basic designs, such as a simple solid color or stripes. If you know how to knit or crochet, you can make matching sweaters.

* Unless you’re shopping online, always bring your dog along with you so you can get the right size and see if he likes the clothing. Never force him to wear anything that doesn’t fit or feel comfortable.

* If you know how to sew, you can buy books that teach you how to make dogwear. There are also a number of canine clothes patterns on the internet, and you can even get some of these for free.

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