Drinks for Your Dog: What You Should and Shouldn’t Give Him

photoA steady supply of fresh water is essential to keeping your dog comfortable and healthy. We all know the importance of water to human bodies, and this element is just as vital to our canine friends. Water makes up about 70 percent of your dog’s weight. Like us, dogs can survive without food for some time, but not sans H2O, especially in a hot and dry environment.

Your pet’s consumption of water changes depending on the weather, his activity, and his meals. Heat and exercise can dehydrate him quickly, and he can get thirsty in vehicles or any closed areas. Watch out for excessive thirst for no apparent reason; this can be an early symptom of a kidney problem or diabetes, so be sure to let your vet know if this is the case.

Your canine companion should have one full, clean water bowl beside his food dish; one in his play area; and possibly one more for nighttime. Being outside makes the situation a bit trickier. A thirsty dog will be drawn to water in gutters, rain puddles, and stagnant pools. Clean rainwater is fine but hard to come across.

Most stagnant water on lawns and golf courses is polluted by weed killers and insecticides, while melted snow on streets and sidewalks is contaminated by caustic chemicals; hence, these should be avoided at all costs.

Try to train your dog to drink only from his water bowl or what you give him. Bring a plastic container or water bottle filled with H2O when you plan to do a lot of walking or running in hot weather with your pet. Keep one in your car as well.

Dogs are rarely tempted by other types of drinks and have an aversion to carbonated beverages. Besides water, milk is the only other liquid that appeals to and agrees with canines, though it might cause loose stools sometimes. While it is a good source of protein, milk should not be used as a replacement for meat. Do not give your dog any flavored drinks, as these might irritate the kidneys, resulting in frequent dehydration and urination.

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