Driving You Crazy

photoFrom talking on the cell phone to the dreaded texting wild person who can’t drive fifty-five, there are a lot of dangers out on the road these days. That’s why there are seat belt laws to help keep us safe. But what about our canine companions? We don’t always consider their need to buckle up (especially since it’s hard for them to get a ticket), but it’s about the safety for not only them, but you as well.

Distractions out on the road- and in the car

There are more distractions out there than you might think. In the vehicle, a loose puppy can be unpredictable, perhaps they decide they want to bark at something (a loose cat perhaps) and pull your attention away from the road in an effort to calm them down. Personally, I’ve had the problem with a pup getting under my feet. He felt that was a great place to be for some reason, but it did make using the pedals dangerously difficult. Though every pup won’t be just like him, those mischievous rascals can be unpredictable sometimes, like hopping up onto the dash and blocking your view, or deciding that your lap is where they want to be right now.

Puppy safety

Something you may not think about while you’re driving down the road and your pup is happily letting his tongue fly in the wind is that flying debris can hurt them.  The smallest speck of dirt that flies up their nose or hits them in the eye can do damage. The best thing for them is to enjoy the ride with you while they are safely seated.

There is always the possibility of an accident. While you may be an excellent driver, there are still others out on the road that may not be paying attention, or accidents can happen as a result of mechanical failure. If your pup is loose in the vehicle during an accident, they can be easily injured if they aren’t fastened down.  They might even be so terrified after the accident and become aggressive as they try to protect themselves because they sense danger. After, they may not ever enjoy riding around in a vehicle again, and that can put a damper on a day of cruising together.

Safely in their crate

Though it isn’t quite the same as a pup sitting next to you while you’re cruising towards your destination, using their crate to keep them secure can prove safe for the both of you. Some crates come with a handle or harness that you can tie into your vehicle’s safety belts. Give them a rawhide bone to keep them happy and they can still see and hear you, so feel free to carry on a conversation.

The puppy seat belt

There are some nice devices out on the market that help your pup sit comfortably in the vehicle. These puppy seat belts can be more comfortable than chilling in the seat and help support their body as you turn, brake, and accelerate. Since it can be hard for a pup to lie down, most pups are already sitting or standing in an attempt to brace themselves as the vehicle moves about. It may take a little bit of getting used to, but it allows them to enjoy the view and still be safe.

Whether you’re headed into town for some groceries or taking your pup to the vet, make sure you aren’t going to be dangerously distracted by your companion. So next time you and your four-legged friend hop in the car for a ride, remember that safety always comes first. Take care of your pooch and always keep them safe.

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