Easter Can Be Fun For Your Furry Family Members

photoPlanning an Easter egg hunt for your beloved canine friend can be a lot of fun, whether you celebrate Easter or not. And you don’t have to reserve this activity for that one Sunday only – it’s something you can do any time of the year, with just as enjoyable results! After all, what matters to your dog is that he’s having fun, not what day of the year it is.

Why is an Easter egg hunt for my dog a good idea? Isn’t this for kids (and some adults) only?

It’s not all about fun and games. Hunting down food or “Easter eggs” in the grass appeals to your pooch’s natural instincts to look for food. Plus it’s a great photo opportunity! Just think of all the wonderful memories you’ll be able to capture and look back on later.

So just as if you were hiding Easter eggs for children, you’ll want to place the goodies where they’re out of plain sight but no so concealed that it’s impossible to find them. You wouldn’t want to frustrate your dog or yourself!

Now I’m sure you’re already getting ideas on what items you can hide for your pet’s Easter egg hunt. Still, here are some suggestions:

* Small squares of cheese.
* Small treats such as dog biscuits.
* Little pieces of hot dog or other meat like chicken breast.
* Boiled eggs. You’ll want to limit the number of eggs per dog to just one or two. Be sure you know how many eggs you’ve hidden – you definitely don’t want your dog finding and eating one of the eggs a week later.
* A new dog toy.
* A handful of kibble. Sprinkle this around your lawn. It will take your pooch a little longer to locate and consume the kibble, making the hunt a bit more challenging.

Remember not to hide more than what your dog would normally eat at a meal. And most importantly, be sure you do not include traditional Easter goodies made of chocolate. Keep in mind that chocolate is toxic for canines!

With that said, have your camera ready and let the hunt begin!

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