Eating You Out of House and Home?

photoTeeth marks, they’re on everything your pup plays with. Why? Because dogs like to chew as it is a part of curiosity (and sometimes teething). But there is more than just destruction to your home being accomplished; there is also the risk of your pup’s belly being in trouble. Socks, toys (battle beasts) and even pillow fluff can get stuck inside your pup and cause internal problems, so it’s up to you to protect your home and your pet from dangers of chewing.


This is a trait common amongst all the creatures on the planet, even humans. But with curiosity comes sniffing, chewing, and tasting. These things are only natural to a pup. Preventing a pup from chewing is like trying to stop water from being wet, so you will have to adapt your home to be chew proof.

In the belly

Fortunately for our pups, most objects can pass through their body without much trouble; perhaps a little difficulty out in the yard but you may never even notice the difference- at least until you check your house. Missing items, especially children’s toys are a dead giveaway that your pup’s been chewing.

So how can you tell when your curious pup has eaten something? Most pups that have eaten something they shouldn’t have will be quiet, and less active. Some may refuse to eat or refuse to potty. Their belly will usually be sensitive, displaying signs of pain when they are touched. If you think that your pup has indeed made a meal out of toys or rocks, you should get them to the vet promptly. Some objects won’t pass on their own, so the doc can assist the process.

Not all pups swallow though. Some may tear, shred, or even bury your belongings.

Protecting your home from a curious pup is like trying to bull-proof a china store. Dogs are indeed curious, but they are often far more intelligent than you might think. What you’ll have to do is get on their level and see the home as they do. Objects that they can get to are going to be a target- even power cords and remote controls. Hide and conceal these items as best you can.

Kids’ toys are a favorite target for chewing. They see the children playing, and smell their scent, often resulting in them wanting to play and chew. Make sure your children keep toys out of a pup’s reach.

The pup’s toys are your pup’s most interactive objects. Though these are made for dogs- that doesn’t mean they won’t try to eat them (or at least large portions of them). Consider setting out a specific number of toys for your pup so that you can easily keep track of them. Stuffing-free toys are also a good idea as it will keep them from eating the stuffing or scattering it around the home for you to clean up.

Keeping the floor clean and small objects out of reach will only help prevent a dog from getting into mischief. As your pup’s owner and protector, you need to keep your eye on them and make sure the only thing that they eat is a healthy bowl of food.

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