Exactly What Is Crate Training?

Your four-legged friend has just joined your family, and now the training must begin. The first few months are crucial in setting the appropriate standards by which you wish your pup to follow. Crate training is often times pictured as a cruel way to train, when in fact it can be very beneficial for your pup to experience. Crates range in a variety of sizes and types that will fulfill your home and canine friend’s needs. A simple travel carrier may work, or a steel crate may be necessary so that your pup can see their new world around them. Crate training can help them to adjust to a new world, help them potty train, and feel as though they have a personal place in your home.


The crate training method

Crate training is essentially a method by which you help your pup adjust to your household by offering them a secure place to spend time. Time spent in the cage is necessary to get the pup familiar with the fact that this is your home. Too much time in the cage can be bad for them though. Don’t leave them there all the time, because it’s not a nice thing to do to your new friend. It should be a place they sleep, and spend a few hours of the day. It will help to relieve anxiety your pup may feel when traveling or when you leave the house. The crate offers a dog a place to retreat to if they are nervous or they want to be left alone to chew on their favorite bone alone. By teaching your pup that the crate is their own personal spot, it helps them to build self-esteem and feel secure in a much larger home.

Increased security

Dogs by nature are a den animal. They like the security of a place in which they can be and feel safe. This can help adjust them to your home and new atmosphere. Crates can come in a variety of sizes, allowing your companion the space they require. Crate training allows a dog the comforts and security of their own personal spot that they are in charge of. During the first few weeks of their new life with you, giving them time to retreat and stay in their crate can help to build a bond with their home. Feeding and sleeping are recommended within the crate because of the safety it provides for a pup. Because of the nature of a dog, they will not want to relieve themselves where they sleep and eat. Crate training offers a very helpful hand in potty training a pup. Just make sure that you take them out when it is time to potty. The crate is beneficial to training your pup in all aspects of life.

It is necessary to not create a situation in which they believe that the crate is punishment. Don’t make them feel that this is a bad place to be; make them feel that it is a comforting retreat. By doing so, crate training will assist you in helping your pup to adjust to their new world and find a happy place in your home and heart.

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