Excitement & Potty Training

When a new puppy comes home, you can only imagine how overwhelmed he or she can feel. New sights, smells, sounds, and feelings are now surrounding that little canine, overloading the senses and causing so much excitement. And then it happens. Your puppy eliminates on the floor.

Puppy excitement is a common happening in many homes with new pets, however, few owners realize that the associated potty troubles that come along with it are all very normal. Your puppy’s body, much like a human child, is prone to accidental elimination in environments of high stress or excitement. Not to mention, any kind of food or water goes through your pup in under a half hour.

Should your puppy have an accident after being excited, don’t discipline. The puppy cannot control it at this time. Simply ignore it, clean it up, and continue on as if nothing happened. When you treat your pup calmly concerning his potty training habits, he should grow out of spontaneous elimination within just a few months, usually once the dog reaches the ages between 4 and 7 months

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