Extreme Vacations Might Be Too Extreme For Your Pup

Vacation time is here and you want to do something exciting and extreme. But what will your pup do without you? Taking your pup along for the ride may seem like a great idea, but how will it affect them physically and mentally. Since they don’t speak our language, it can be difficult to ask them what their idea about the situation is. Consider your pup before you decide to take them on an extreme vacation.

Know your dog’s current state of health

photoSkydiving may seem fun, but can your pup actually accomplish this? Sure you could strap them to your chest and take the dive with them. Remember that your pup doesn’t experience the same way you do. The situation could affect them negatively and put a damper on your day. Not to mention that you might get a bit of puppy vomit on you if they get sick.

What about trying deep sea diving? All those fish in your aquarium at home can keep your pup entertained for hours. Most pups probably wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of submersion, and because their body won’t react the same way to underwater pressures as ours do, it could be unsafe taking them down and letting the pressures build up on their ears and lungs.

Trying your hand at hang gliding could be fun, but letting your pup take a swing at it may prove quite the odd scene. This may not be for every dog, but it is conceivable. You will just have to warn the people below that there could be a surprise package dropping down on them at any time. Other than that- be safe.

Do you both have fun at the activity?

How about just a cruise? Your pup may enjoy a vacation like this- as long as they don’t get seasick. Other than that, the experience may prove to be enjoyable for the both of you. Let your pup get pampered while you relax and enjoy the ride.

Camping is fun for everyone. All the sights and smells can be a haven for your pup’s nose. As long as you keep them close to you the experience can prove to be safe for them and fun for you. Enjoy the great outdoors with your trusty pup to warn you if there is any trouble- actually sounds like a great idea.
Theme parks are not always pet friendly, but you could probably find one. Unfortunately, all that walking could be bad for your pup’s paws- especially on hot pavement. Be careful not to scorch your pup’s tootsies.

Mountain climbing would be a wildly conceived idea- for your pup. You may decide it’s for you, but your pup would have difficulty navigating such terrain with paws instead of hands.

Strapping you and your pup up for Bunge jumping wouldn’t be great for your four-legged-friend. Their bodies are constructed quite differently than ours, so the stress could definitely hurt them by breaking their bones.

Taking your pup along for an extreme adventure vacation will take some consideration. Find something that both of you can do together, that won’t be harmful to either of you. Be considerate of your pup the next time you pick a vacation spot.

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