Featured Dog of the Week: Meet Dexter!


Dexter found us on Facebook during Pet Appreciation Week when his owner, Jill, wanted to include him in our amazing Pet Appreciation Video for 2010. As you can see, Dexter, is sporting his “I’m on Facebook” shirt and some very cool shoes! It took a lot for Dexter to take a photo on his Porch Potty with his shoes on. His routine is shoes off BEFORE getting to his potty! Thank you, Dexter and Jill!

Jill, (Dexter’s owner) shares:

“Dexter loves his porch potty and his new shoes. We are very blessed to have him, he is a rescue and is 19 months old. As soon as I take off his shoes, he promptly jumps on his Porch Potty and pees! LOL!”

Jill Krovitz
Dublin, California

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