Fire Safety and Your Four-Legged Family Member

Fire safety for dog owners

There are many household hazards that every dog faces at some point in their life. Whether it’s that extra piece of candy dropped on the ground or a slippery tile floor, there are always dangers to be faced. But, when it comes to fire-safety, there are a few things that you as a dog owner must remember and always maintain in order to keep everyone in your home safe and out of harm’s way.

Fire prevention

Above all, remember that prevention is the first step to safety. There are certain steps you need to take and things you need to consider keeping around your home in order to prevent fires from occurring or getting out of control.

Don’t leave your dog unattended with heat sources, such as Jack O’ Lanterns, stoves, and candles. In the case of candles and illumination, you can always rely on an electric candle or light to replace their fiery counterparts.

When it comes to your stove, there are a few things to consider. If your stove has knobs on the front instead of the top, consider a knob cover that locks down. This will prevent your dog from hopping up and activating the burners when you aren’t there. In the case of a gas stove, it is very possible for your dog to turn on the gas without igniting the flame, making it a slightly different hazard, but dangerous nonetheless.

Additionally, don’t leave anything atop a stove that would entice your dog’s curiosity or he would find attractive. When preparing or storing food that needs to cool down, such as a pie or even a turkey, be sure that you keep watch on it or store it in a different place that is well out of your dog’s reach.

Incense and candles

To create an attractive atmosphere, candles and incense are often used to improve lighting and give an appealing aroma, but keep in mind that they can also be very attractive to a dog. If you are going to use these items, keep them up high and out of your dog’s reach. Even without curiosity, a wagging tale or an excited dog can easily knock things over and cause a fire hazard.

Keep in mind that matches and lighters can become chew toys for a dog, and while they won’t ignite in the mouth of your four-legged friend, they can harm them very easily. Store this appropriately to make sure they don’t find their way into your dog’s chew-toy item list.


When the cold weather approaches, you may find you and your family enjoying a cup of warm chocolate in front of the fireplace. Take special fireplace precautions, such as fencing and fireplace awnings, to prevent your dog from getting too close to the flames.

Space heaters are also popular, but can be some of the most dangerous for dogs. They can easily be knocked over onto a carpeted area and become a fire hazard. When in use, be sure that they are secured firmly in place and that your dog stays away from them. If you’re away from home, don’t leave them on or plugged in.


These are one of the leading causes of house fires, especially since they are wound around all the technology that today’s homes are full of. Loose wires can be chewed, revealing the internals which can short out and cause fires. Whether it’s the seasonal Christmas lights or the everyday home entertainment center, keep your wires secured, covered, and out of your dog’s reach.

How to prepare yourself for “just in case”

There is always the unexpected which can occur, despite every precaution taken. But, it’s still important that you take steps to make sure that your entire family can remain safe from danger.

Smoke detectors are a must in every room. Be sure that you keep fresh batteries in them and have them regularly checked by your local fire department.

Designate someone in the family to be in charge of locating and retrieving the dog. This will help reduce confusion and ensure that your pup gets out safely without anyone having to go back inside (never reenter a burning home).

Keep leashes close to the door so that you or a firefighter can grab your dog on the way out. Additionally, you should post a tag that affirms that there are pets inside and how many there are (1 dog 2 birds 1 cat etc.). You can get a pet-fire safety sticker to post on your window to alert firemen that there are pets inside and how many to look for.

When it comes to fire safety, precautions are the first step to safety. Be sure that your pet is always safe and that they aren’t going to be the cause for any potential fires.

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