photoPut the matches up high, hide the lighters, and keep flammable objects out of reach. People often consider the areas of danger that young children tend to get into. But, firebugs aren’t the only thing to be concerned about when it comes to fireproofing your home. Our four-legged friends can also be just as mischievous. That doesn’t mean that they’ll run around purposely doing dangerous things, but consider the fact that dogs are inherently curious. And like any curious creature, they can get into trouble, too.


Something to consider is the infamous power-cord. Aside from presenting a tripping hazard, these can be ideal targets for chewing. Even the warmth of an inverter for your laptop can become a plaything for any pup.

Even if cords are behind couches and entertainment centers, keep in mind that a dog, with enough time on their paws, can still get to these spots. Chewing on cords not only shears their protective coating, presenting a fire-hazard, your pup can also get a dangerous jolt of electricity. It is best to tuck excess cords under large objects and use zip-ties to keep them out of your pup’s curious reach.

Curling irons, heaters, and even the iron can also present a fire danger for dogs. If left on, these devices can be knocked down or over onto flooring or carpeting, presenting a fire hazard. Be sure to turn these items off immediately after using them.  Never leave these items plugged in and unattended.

Scented candles and incense

Making your home smell nice often involves candles and incense, but be wary of your pup’s curiosity. That little flickering light may attract a paw or even the wagging tail of an innocent passerby. If you must use candles and incense, put them up high, away from your pup’s reach. And don’t leave home with them lit, as that in itself is a danger.

The kitchen

Stoves are a big target for pups. The scent of food and the excess crumbs everywhere tend to attract the attention of a nosy pup. While some stoves have begun to move the dials to the top, so they are out of children’s reach, there are still a few that have the dials on the side. If you can, get a cover for the dials to prevent them from being moved, especially when you’re away.

Something else to consider when you have something cooking in the oven is that you should secure the area or make it off-limits to your pup. A large enough dog can easily open up a stove door and get at the food inside, presenting the possibility a fire hazard and potential injury.

Protect your home

Cautionary steps to protecting your home should always include smoke detectors. One per room floor is recommended, but you can never have too many. You may also consider the use of instant notification alarms that call and inform dispatching that there is a problem.

Rescue stickers are also a good idea for the just-in-case scenario. You can get these stickers at any pet store, and their job is to inform safety personnel that there are pets in your home, too. Remember to put the number of pups on the tag so they will know how many to look for.

Take a walk through your home and see what your pup sees from his level. What kind of mischief can he get into?  What curiosities await them on the ground level? Prevent these dangers, and make sure that your pup dwells in a happy, safe home.

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