Furry Halloween Fun

photoHalloween is getting close, and it’s time to get your costumes ready. Dressing up the kids is usually up to them, choosing between vampires, ghouls, and mummies. But what about those other rascals? Pups can also enjoy the festivities and dress up for the occasion, too. So what to do? Costumes for our pups are a little harder to come by, and can often be a little expensive. If you have a creative edge, you can come up with some of your own ideas that’ll help your pup join the fun.

Keeping it simple

For most owners, a simple football jersey makes a pretty good dress up item. It’s not that difficult to find, and most pups won’t mind the simplicity. You can even try a tiara or head bands that have funny looking ears, horns, or alien antennae to give them an out of this world look. Perhaps just a bandana or spiked collar would even present a simple difference in looks, and wouldn’t mess with your pup’s composure. Try combinations such as a little cowboy hat with the bandanna to give your pup a western look or a tuff looking shirt (try a skull and crossbones on it) with a spiked collar to give your pup some attitude.

Being a little innovative

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, you can try searching the baby department for your pup’s next costume. A lot of baby costumes use Velcro attachments and are easily adaptable to your pup’s body.

Other items that you can use would be to add a simple cape to your pup’s attire, perhaps make them appear to be the super dog that they already are. Perhaps some cardboard would make some nice angel or butterfly wings that let your pup soar amongst the clouds. You could use an old shirt to attach them to, but remember to cut some breathing holes so they don’t get too hot. Be careful about using items that will restrict your pup’s movement or make them hot, as they’ll just end up getting uncomfortable and easily agitated.

One thing to be careful about is putting certain makeup or paints on your pup. If you think they’d look good with some tiger stripes, make sure that anything you put on them is safe for puppy consumption, since it’s likely they’ll want to taste what they’re wearing.

Make sure your pup is comfortable with their new look

If you do dress your pup up for Halloween, make sure that they’re comfortable wearing their new costume. Not all dogs are going to go for extreme dress up, resulting in them becoming agitated, or just tearing the costume up. Even if you want them to be dressed up, keep their happiness in mind, so that they can enjoy the night, too.

Remember that while your pup is going to partake in the dress up part of Halloween, be cautious of treats and strangers. There is going to be a lot of activity going on, and a pup looking as cute as yours is likely to become the center of attention. Make sure you keep your eye on them to keep them safe as you both enjoy dressing up for a night of Halloween fun!

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