Get, Stay, and Workout With Your Dog

photoWant to boost your exercise motivation? It’s a lot easier to follow a fitness routine if you have an enthusiastic exercise buddy. The perfect person for this is actually not a person – it’s your dog! Dogs make great exercise buddies because they’re always ready to go. They motivate you on those days when you don’t want to get off your butt – it would be hard to resist a happy face and a wagging tail, right?

So are you ready to get in shape with your pooch (and bond at the same time)? Here are four exercises that will benefit you both!


Your dog will never say no to a jogging session! When you first begin jogging with your canine friend, train him to stay on your right side as you can fall if he crosses in front of you. Start slow and keep an eye out for any signs of overheating such as serious fatigue or excessive panting. Bring lots of water and take breaks when you have to. As you increase your time and distance gradually, observe your dog carefully for any signs of overtraining.


You can burn up to 800 calories during a fast paced, two-hour hike. The best time to go hiking with your dog is in the morning. Go out just after the sun comes up and hike for a couple of hours. Be sure to bring enough water for you and your pet. If you live in a hot climate, you will want to start earlier to avoid the risk of your pooch overheating. Don’t stick to just one hiking trail, try a different one each time you hike to make it more interesting.


This fun exercise can help you burn 200 calories per hour. Your dog will probably burn more since he’s the one doing most of the chasing and running, but you will both feel better after a few rounds of Frisbee. Some fresh air always helps, too!


Again, walk around a different area every day to prevent boredom. Walk along walking trails, on the beach, and around various neighborhoods. You can also take your dog to the lake where you can walk and swim. Participate in dog walk fundraisers, too – they provide a great opportunity to get fit and help a good cause at the same time.

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