Going Green With Your Pooch

photoYou already use compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home, drive a hybrid car, and make your own non-toxic cleaning products, among other earth-friendly acts, so why not go green with your dog, too?

Start off by trying some or all of the following suggestions. While these tasks are easy to do, the effects are long-lasting and profound. Mother Nature would be most proud of you and your pooch!

* Replace your dog’s old vinyl toys with new, eco-friendly alternatives. Vinyl dog toys are not safe for canines to chew and they’re also not recyclable. If your dog has vinyl toys, replace them with natural rubber or recyclable, non-toxic options. Always check your pet’s toys for rips, tears, or tatters. If a toy is in bad condition, replace it immediately with an earth-friendly one.

* Switch to biodegradable poop bags. A lot of dog owners still use plastic grocery bags to clean up after their dogs. However, the problem with plastic grocery bags is that they do not decompose or biodegrade. Hence, they also inundate landfills, where they remain for several years and harm the environment. Switching to paper grocery bags is a great start. Using biodegradable and compostable dog waste bags is the next step.

* Opt for eco-friendly dog grooming products. Avoid the chemical-filled dog shampoos and soaps from the big box chains. Use healthy, natural and organic dog grooming products. Your pet and the planet will thank you.

* Switch to organic treats. Every dog loves treats, so this one should be easy. Steer clear of those “mystery treats” from the big chain stores. Organic dog treats do not contain the preservatives and chemicals that can be found in store-bought products. Not only are these treats just as yummy, they’re better for your dog as well.

* Go for an environmentally friendly dog bed. How green is your pet’s current bed? Unfortunately there are plenty of poor quality dog beds out there today, and most of them are made from materials that are bad for your pooch or the Earth. Eco-friendly dog beds are not only comfortable, they help Mother Nature, too!

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