How to Feed a Diabetic Dog

photoNovember is Pet Diabetes Month, during which a nationwide screening campaign to test dogs and cats for diabetes takes place. Diabetes is becoming more and more common in overweight pets, dogs over 5 years old, and cats over 8 years old. The good news is, it can be easily detected with a simple urine test.

In a study of human diabetes, six individuals with type 2 diabetes were put on a strict raw food diet. They did not consume any cooked foods during the test period. Within a week, doctors reported significant changes among the subjects. That same month, they were asked to stop taking their medications.

Foods that have been cooked or processed are stripped of the essential nutrients that aid in the digestion process and keep the body healthy. Some examples are white flour, white sugar, and processed meat. Without necessary nutrients, the body malfunctions, one of the symptoms of which is an increase in blood sugar levels.

You may be wondering if this study has anything to do with pets with diabetes, and if diet can improve your diabetic dog’s condition. The answer is yes. Homeopathic practitioners believe that in order to treat a disease, you have to address the root cause, not the symptoms.

Thus, if you are feeding your diabetic canine friend commercial dog food, it is most likely aggravating his condition. Unfortunately, the majority of commercial dog foods contain fillers so that manufacturers can make more profit. This, however, harms the health of your pet.

What do manufacturers use as fillers? Well, whatever is available in excess and is therefore cheaper on the market. So far, sugar is still the most common filler in commercial dog foods. Surely you can imagine how bad this is to your dog’s health – it’s like feeding him a large amount of sugar at every meal.

Food plays a key role in canine diabetes. It can make the disease better or worse. Therefore, you have to modify your dog’s current diet to make sure that he is getting the nutrients he needs. You may choose to put him on a raw food diet so he does not consume any processed foods that contain fillers. A healthy diet every day is crucial to reviving your pet’s well-being.

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