How to Keep Your Dog Safe While You’re Away

photoLike any good dog owner, you most likely treat your canine companion as a member of the family. There are times, however, when you can’t bring your beloved pet along with you. Overnight stays aren’t too big of a problem; you can ask a good friend or relative to feed your dog and take him for walks while you’re gone.

Longer periods of time away from home are a different story, though. Not all hotels and resorts allow animals. And even if you’re staying at a pet-friendly establishment, you might still have to leave your dog behind occasionally, in a place that’s unfamiliar to him.

When you have to go someplace else for a while without your canine friend, your best option is to have a trusted family member or friend stay over at your house. This way, your dog doesn’t just receive basic care, he also has company. Interaction is essential to dogs as they are very sociable creatures.

If this isn’t a possible solution, the next best thing is to have a reliable family member or friend drop by your place a few times a day to walk your dog, feed him, give him fresh water, and clean his living area. This means that your pet will still be able to stay in a familiar environment and receive some human attention.

You can also hire someone to do the above tasks, but of course there are more risks in letting a stranger into your home. You will be trusting this person with not just your pet but with your belongings as well. Should you go with this option, it is best to hire a registered pet sitter, someone from a professional agency, or someone who’s recommended by people whom you know and trust.

Finally, you can check your dog into a pet hotel. Do your homework ahead of time as the quality of these places vary. It is highly recommended that you personally visit the pet hotel first, if possible, so you can get a firsthand look at the establishment and have a good idea of how your dog will be treated. Don’t forget to ask questions while you’re there.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you’re comfortable with your choice. Knowing that your dog is safe and happy will keep you from worrying and let you enjoy your time away from home.

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