How to Prepare for a Trip with Your Dog

photoBringing your dog with you on your travels can be a fun experience for your pet as well as a great opportunity for him to explore a new environment. But before you go on a trip with your dog, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Find a hotel that allows dogs. There are websites that can help you locate a pet-friendly hotel, such as Book in advance, but keep an eye out for restrictions on the number of pets allowed and hidden fees.

2. Make sure your dog gets all the required vaccinations. If your pet will be kept in a kennel, he will need a bordatella vaccination in order to prevent kennel cough. Lyme disease and canine distemper should be inoculated against as well. It is best to talk to your vet to check whether all shots are up to date or not. In addition, you should know all the travel requirements of the country you are going to visit to avoid unnecessary delays.

3. See to it that your dog always has some form of identification on him. Your name, address, and contact number should be on your dog’s collar and other accessories, or you can opt for a microchip implant. Always carry an extra collar with you so you can quickly replace a lost one. Identification is very important because a new environment might make your dog uncomfortable and cause him to run off.

4. Bring your dog’s medical records with you. In case your dog gets sick while you are traveling, it will be helpful to have his health records on hand. You may also be asked to present these documents when entering a foreign country, to show that your dog is healthy and free from any diseases.

5. Guard against high temperatures. Heat can dehydrate your dog, so never leave him alone in a car. If he has to stay in a vehicle, make certain that there is someone with him to watch him, and leave the air conditioning on. He should also have access to water. Dogs do not have sweat glands; they pant in order to release heat.

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