How to Prevent and End a Dog Fight

photoIt’s something that no dog owner wants to happen but can’t always avoid – you’re walking your pet or you’re at a dog park and then all of a sudden, a dog fight breaks out. Just like humans, dogs don’t always get along with each other. So in the event of a dog fight, would you know what to do?

Most people don’t have a game plan for if a dog fight happens. The worst time to think about how to handle a fight is when one has already broken out. It’s really not a matter of if, but when. Thus, it’s important to be prepared.

Tips for preventing and stopping a dog fight

One of the simplest ways to protect your pet from a fight when you leave the house is to keep him on a leash with a well fitting collar.

When you want your dog to meet another canine, reduce the chances of a fight by making the introductions on neutral ground such as a dog park. Don’t do it at one of the dog’s homes – the host canine may feel a need to guard his territory.

While you can control your own pet, you can’t know when you’ll meet an aggressive dog outside. To abort a dog attack, use the shake can technique. You’ll need a clean, empty soda can and about ten coins. Place the coins in the can and seal the top with tape. Should you come across a dog bearing teeth, throw the shake can on the ground in front of him. Often, this will be enough to discourage an aggressive canine.

If an aggressive dog charges at your pooch when you’re outside, back away slowly and pull your pet gently along with you. Don’t pick up your dog and run off. The aggressive dog will chase you if you turn your back.

To stop a dog fight that’s already started, throw some cold water on the dogs. Surprising them may cause them to cease fighting. Never step in and try to break up the fight – you could get bitten and make the dogs more aggressive toward each other.

Of course, our hope here at Porch Potty is that, that doesn’t happen.  Your safety and the safety of your sweet dog are of utmost importance to us!

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