Is Chemical Free able to Keep Tick and Fleas Away?

Dog lovers: choose your weapon against tick and fleas

Keeping our dogs happy and healthy requires a lot of little attention. Proper diet, plenty of exercise, oral hygiene, regular baths, and most importantly- keeping them bug-free. Fleas and Ticks aren’t just annoying and itchy; they are often host to many other nasty parasites, such as worms which can be detrimental to puppy health.

With all the different shampoos, collars, topical, and even consumable dietary supplements, it can be hard to choose one that works the best for your dog. While these repellents come in many different forms, they also come with many different chemicals, quite a few of which aren’t exactly the most health-friendly. In fact, some are so powerful that they recommend you don’t use them on animals less than three and even six months of age. Keeping a puppy inside for that length of time is definitely out of the question, so you may consider looking elsewhere, perhaps to the very natural aspects that nature can provide.

Needless to say, you still want to protect your pup, but you don’t wantthem to deal with all the harsh chemicals found in modern repellants. So, the natural way is the best way, and there is a growing number of these natural repellents entering the market, so keep your eyes on the “contents” label because it’s a trend that is definitely popular enough to grab some attention.

Naturally designed

Ticked Off! is a natural-based spray which relies primarily on southern red cedar oil and avoids the use of many of the hazardous chemicals found in modern repellants. Only available as a spray, it is designed to be applied regularly, but can be used on bedding and indoor recreational areas as well. Unlike many of the toxic chemicals that modern repellants have, it actually kills fleas and insects on contact, rather than simply enticing them to leave. It’s a definite choice for any dog that loves running through tall grass and enjoying the outdoors.

Natural Flea and Tick Defense uses Brazilian plant oil that actually confuse insects. Insects use the traces of carbon dioxide that we exhale, body temperature and other organic functions to let them know where their next target is. This particular formula doesn’t kill these insects, but rather masks your pet from their detection. Basically compiled from a naturally discovered formula in the rainforests of South America, it is safe for animals of all ages because it lacks any toxic or dangerous chemicals.

Chemical free

Shoo!Tag is chemical free, but utilizes a completely different approach to repelling insects. Rather than chemicals or any kind of absorbable substance, the device, or tag, emits light electromagnetic frequencies that naturally repel insects including the very annoying mosquito. It is basically a tag that is half the size of a credit card and when activated, lasts for up to four months. The best thing about it is that humans can simply put it in their pockets. It’s safe for all animals and won’t wash off. Technology has definitely entered the world of four-legged applications.

Around the house

Apple cider vinegar has naturally repelling properties (it doesn’t smell bad though). When mixed in a 50/50 solution with water, it makes for a cheap and natural spray you can easily apply to your dog’s coat. Just don’t spray it into their eyes.

A citric rub made from lemons and water is just another handy treatment. Simply cut a lemon in quarters, add some boiling water to them and let stand over-night. It makes for a great spray application that repels not only ticks and fleas but mosquitoes as well.

Garlic and onion have natural levels of the element sulfur in them, but they are not exactly good for your dog. In fact, these two foods are on the list of things not to feed your dog. But, sulfur is actually responsible for repelling insects when ingested. Certain joint dietary supplements provide sulfur in its naturally absorbable state, and can double its benefit by acting as a natural hindrance to pests while keeping your dog’s body working smoothly. Not quite as effective as other methods, it is a naturally beneficial and healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

As a loving dog owner, it is your task to ensure your dog’s entire well-being and complete health throughout their lives. While there are many chemicals that can give you the edge when battling insect pests, they often come with their own unique consequences, toxins, and irritations. Natural is a growing trend and gaining much appreciation by dogs and their owners around the world. Just remember that prevention is the first line of defense, which is where providing a sanitary environment is the best insect repelling choice you can make.

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