Is Your Puppy Graduating?

For many of us, our dogs are our children.  So, by show of hands – who has graduates this year?

photoHas your pooch recently graduated puppy kindergarten? Here are some fun ideas for your beloved pet’s graduation party.

* What’s a party without guests? This is a great opportunity for your puppy to socialize, so invite his fellow graduates and friendly neighbor dogs.

* Get a cake from a doggie bakery, or make one yourself. You can find plenty of dog cake recipes on the Internet. Top the cake off with a candle that looks like a dog, a bone, or a fire hydrant!

* If you’ll be having human guests, be sure to feed them, too! Serve cupcakes and other party food with dog themed plates and napkins.

* Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! You’ll want to look back on this event in the future.

* Make graduation hats for all the graduating canines to wear.

* You can also prepare goodie bags filled with treats for the dogs to take home.

* Get balloons with paw prints on them, or stamp plain balloons with dog themed patterns. Use these to decorate the party area.

* Blow bubbles! Dogs love chasing and chomping on them. Be sure to use a solution that’s especially formulated for canines.

* If the puppy graduation party is taking place in the summer, serve doggie smoothies to keep the dogs cool. Again, you can look for recipes online.

* You can also turn the graduation party into a pool party. Get a kiddie pool for the dogs to splash around in. Remember to tell the owners to bring their own towels.

* Have games like puppy races, tag team Frisbee, or musical sit/stay! Musical sit/stay is similar to musical chairs. Play music, and when it stops, the owners will have their puppy sit/stay. The last one to do so is eliminated.

* Give your pet a new treat and/or toy to congratulate him for completing puppy kindergarten!

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