It’s All in the Family

photoWhen a pup joins your household, they become a part of the family. While people can enjoy petting or interacting with their four-legged friend, there are also responsibilities that need to be taken care of. A pup bonds with those who take care of them such as feeding, treating, and training. So if a pup is going to part of the family, the whole family should be a part of their pup’s life. Each person needs will have to share the responsibilities to help the pup become a part of their family.

Family means everyone

Though there are children that are probably going to be a little too young to take on some of the tasks, they can still partake when interacting with their companion. Husband, wife, and kids all need to chip in and help out with taking care of their pup and training.

Agree on what to teach, and how to teach

Housetraining is going to have to be organized as well. Because it won’t be just one person doing the teaching, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is on the same level. Make sure that everyone agrees on what to teach them and the methods to follow. For instance, if you want your pup to respond to a potty command, make sure that everyone uses a phrase and that the words are going to be the same. The same would go for preventing begging. Make sure that no one is being sneaky and slipping some unwanted vegetables under the table when they think you aren’t looking. You all will need to agree on a certain set of standards and ensure that everyone enforces them. You don’t want them playing favorites, thinking that one of you in particular will let them get away with mischief.

Share the responsibilities

Start by making a list of what needs to happen to ensure your pup’s daily health. Feeding, playtime, potty time, walking, and the training process are just a few hot topics you will need to address. You can either set aside days in which everyone shares puppy chores, or spread them out amongst the entire family. You may take care of the feeding and potty time (don’t forget to clean your grass litter box, too) while the others may be in charge of walking, taking the rascal to get his checkup, and specific playtimes. Try to stay away from allowing one person to stick with only one responsibility though. Some aren’t that fun, like trips to the vet, while others are exciting such as walkies and feeding. Let each person bond with the pup in both fun and not so fun (but good for them, nonetheless).

Playtime for the family

Interacting with your family member involves family time. Make sure that your pup plays with everyone and learns to bond with the entire family. Set aside a special time each day in which everyone joins in or each of you take turns playing with the pup for a period of time. Switch off and allow for each person to share special time with the rascal, keeping him active and healthy. Though they may prefer a favorite at some point, you’ll want them to love each and every one of you. It helps them to feel like a member of the family, rather than someone’s pet.

Keeping your pup in the family takes the effort of every one, not just one person. So you all have to do your part to make sure that your newest addition feels like a member. Don’t forget that puppies are peoples too…wait, no they’re not- but they are a part of your family, so make sure that everyone does their fair share to make that loveable little one feel loved and cared for.

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