Its Shedding Time

Its summer time and all that fur is everywhere. It can be quite an annoying feat to get it off the furniture and out of the carpet. Fortunately there are a few tricks to help avoid that excessive shedding and keep your faithful companion happy too.

Helpful hints

photoDuring the winter months, dogs will grow a natural undercoat to help keep them warm. It is completely normal for them to shed when spring time comes around. You can avoid most of the mess by bathing your pup every few weeks. This keeps them happy and clean, and it keeps excessive shedding off of your couch. During an interview Ms. Bailee Hennis, proud owner of “Dragster” a Welsh Corgie, said “I don’t do anything to keep him from shedding. I do brush him to get extra fur off but I am against giving them pills for it. I occasionally will try a non-shed shampoo, but dogs naturally shed more in summer so it’s kind of pointless.” Brushing your dog’s coat is a plus. It keeps their coat free of loose and dead hairs, and helps keep them cooler. It is recommended that you brush your pup daily to keep their fur off the furniture. Plus they love the attention.

When it will happen anyway

If the shedding around the house is unpreventable, you could cover your furniture with cloth items like towels and sheets. These are easily washable and make cleaning up easier. Vacuuming regularly will keep fur out of the carpet, which will help keep it from being tracked further around the house. A sticky tape roller or even duct tape is very useful for getting fur off the carpet or out of hard to reach places. It is especially handy for clothing. Remember, it is important to get loose fur off of upholstery before it embeds. Unfortunately, if your pup goes in and out throughout the day, mud and debris may not clean up as easily.

What also helps?

When bathing your pup, make sure not to use shampoos and soaps that we humans use. Our bodies are different from our counterparts, so soaps we use on our skin, may actually do more harm than good to a canine. It is recommended that you find a shampoo that is specific to your pet’s needs. If you are unsure about the needs of your companion’s specific breed, you should consult a veterinarian.

You may also talk to your veterinarian about supplemental vitamins for your pup. Nutrients like vitamin A and E will keep your doggy’s skin healthy. Omega fish oils may also keep your four-legged companion able-bodied, and a healthy pup is a happy pup.

Love your pup, and don’t mind the mess.

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