July is Dog House Repair Month

I can’t say that many of our Porch Potty customers have dog houses to repair since most of their pups live indoors with them.

So, let me focus on the type of “dog house” you create for your pooch if you’re spending much time outside – as many of us do during these summer months.

sotto la panca by istolethetv.Here are some fast tips –

Use a portable dog kennel or cover.  Shade is important for your dog during these summer months.  Set this temporary  dog house in a cooler area where you’re spending time.  Be sure that it is distant from swimming pools, sprinklers, kid’s play boxes, and full sun.  It is also recommended for you to spray a pet-safe pesticide around the portable dog shelter to ward off bugs.

If you have an outside dog, spraying inside the dog house will also help in keeping spiders, fleas, etc. out of their house.  Make sure to trim your lawn and any grass or small weeds you see growing under or near your dog’s house.

For your inside dog, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be sure to increase the amount of water available to them. Just like us, their water consumption is on the rise with the rising heat index.
  • Keep him well groomed, yet avoid falling into the temptation to cut or shave their fur short, as many pet owners do. Many think this is keeping them cooler.  What is truly happening is you are taking away your dog’s natural “sunscreen.”  Your dog can, and will, get sunburned.
  • Avoid extra exercise.  Overexertion on hot days can lead to heat stress.  Keep this in mind in timing walks and runs with your pooch.
  • Watch your dog. Excessive panting, rapid heartbeat, blank or ‘lost’ looks, and vomiting are all signs of dehydration and other issues in struggling with the heat.

Have a great weekend! And, remember, we’re still searching for our “Featured Dog of the Week” so please submit your dog’s photo on our Facebook page!

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