Keep A Watchful Eye On Your Pup

When your puppy is out and about, doing what he does best, it’s important to keep track of what he’s up to. Just like a small child, your puppy can get into just about anything in a matter of seconds. To keep him safe, out of trouble, and on track with his potty training, make time to keep a watchful eye. Bathroom mishaps and puppy mischief can happen at any time. Be sure that you’re prepared.

One of the best ways you can keep your pup on track with his potty training is to observe and learn the signs that he’s “gotta go!” Those signs include sudden restlessness, intense sniffing in one area, circling, pacing, or suddenly standing still. If you happen to be too late, be sure to give your dog a sharp “No!” and then take him outside or to your Porch Potty as a reminder of where he’s supposed to do his business.

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