Keep Fall Fun

photoFall is an exciting time of year- for everyone. From the upcoming school plays to eves with the family, things are really beginning to happen. Fall is a fun time for everyone, but what about your faithful pup? All that activity actually changes things for them. School takes kids away for the day, and while you’re at work, what’s your pup going to do with all that free time?

Everyone’s busy but me…

Naps increase now that the kids are back in school, which means only one thing- that your pup is going to be a little less active. Luckily, the evenings offer such a fine atmosphere for walkies. So grab your pup’s leash and head out for some exercise to get those paws moving again. You’ll find that exercise is a lot more enjoyable now that the temperatures are cooler and the atmosphere is full of beauty. Sidewalks and roads are cooler, so your pup doesn’t scorch their paws even during the mid-day hours. Even though fall is going to be a busy time of year, it is important that we still spend time with our pups and help them enjoy the fall.

Of course, the flip side to cooler days is that the nights are going to get cold, too. And depending on where you are, things can get down-right chilly. Keep in mind that you don’t want your pup sitting outside, especially if it’s freezing. This might actually be a good time to grab a grass litter box for your house so your pup doesn’t mess the carpet during the frigid nights. You may also consider a dog sweater to help keep some warmth in if your pup is used to being outside most of the time. If it’s too cold, or your pup doesn’t like dressing up, be kind and give them some shelter for the night. Insulate their dog house and make sure it’s good and warm in there during the cold days.

Fall holidays

What about the fall holidays? There are going to be lots of treats and eats on the table soon, but remember that people treats aren’t puppy treats. The holiday parties are probably going to bring in family and friends, so make sure you keep an eye on sneaky hands. Kids love to sneak some of those veggies off their plates and into your pups mouth, so make sure that everyone knows your pup’s feeding rules and regulations.

Ornaments like Christmas trees and lights are also going to be going up soon, so make sure your pup doesn’t get any chewing ideas. Hide power cords underneath rugs or carpeting to keep them from getting seriously injured. Duct tape is a magical thing and can help keep cords out of sight and out of your pup’s mouth. Mistletoe is something to be extra careful with. While it’s nostalgic and does give a sense of the season, it can be deadly to both humans and pups if they chomp on it. You should stick with a fake sprig or avoid it if you’ve got pups around.

Since the fall is a little cooler, the old fireplace is likely going to get some use. Most fireplaces have netting or protective screens and covers to keep any wandering hands or items from getting singed, but make sure that you put them to use. Pups are curious, and you don’t want a toasted nose or a burned tail ruining a fine fall evening.

While fall brings a busy time of year for us all with school, work, shopping, and partying, it doesn’t mean that we don’t still have time for our faithful friends. The leaves falling, the smells wafting from the kitchen, and the cooler days actually prove to be exciting, even for our pups. So don’t forget to spend some of the fall fun with them, too.

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